Essays on Business Strategy Level and its Impact on Huawei Company Case Study

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The paper "Business Strategy Level and its Impact on Huawei Company" is a good example of a business case study.   Business strategy levels help in customer satisfaction or the work of business strategy levels is to satisfy the needs of their customers. They add or provide value to customers thus helping the business firm to gain a competitive upper hand by manipulating essential competencies in precise, discrete products or service markets. Business level strategies take into account that customers are the main foundation for an organization. This means that according to business strategy levels, customers are the most essential people in the organization (Michael 2008, p.

99). Huawei Company has adopted cost leadership strategies. These strategies have enabled the company to adopt and enact a competitive edge in the market. The company has been able to achieve this by reducing its costs and thus enabling its customers to make savings. The company offers quite a number of technological networks and also solutions that enable operators to inflate the competence of the networks of their mobile broadband. The company offers these services at a low cost that is affordable.

This means that it is able to attract customers who do not have much to spend. The network services are also of quality and effective which means that customers can be able to enjoy their services at a low cost (Juan 2008, p. 100). The company has also adopted a differentiation strategy in which it develops unique products such as smartphones, media pads, modems, video products, etc. the company is also able to achieve product differentiation through innovation. When it manufactures unique products, customers will definitely be attracted to the product.

They will then purchase the product if it is of high quality and if it is being sold at an affordable price. Huawei Company through the two strategies I have already mentioned is able to gain an upper hand in the market. It is able to attract more customers and win their hearts (Craig 2002, p. 106). The Company has also adopted another business strategy known as “ focus strategy” . In this strategy, the company is able to focus on markets that are narrow (David 2001, p.

99). It is able to do this by directing its resources into such markets. This, in other words, means that the company has the quality and effective products and services that enable them to satisfy their needs in a competitive way. The company has been able to focus its telecom network services in African markets for example in Kenya where it has enabled a service provider in the country known as “ safaricom” to provide mobile phone services. The company has also been able to focus its products such as smartphones and media pads into competitive markets in Japan, Europe, and America.

The company through this strategy has for example been able to export more than a hundred and twenty million devices all over the world. It exported cell phones that totaled to more than thirty million in Japan, Europe, and American markets. Huawei Company also increases its sales in three different segments. It aims at expanding its ICT segment as well as its device and cloud segments. This is a new business strategy level for the company that will aid it in growing or expanding at its inured pace.

The company along with its new business strategy also seeks to build value for its customers in the new business sections or segments. The company also intends to inflate to spaces in the new markets and gain new sources of income (McMahan 2008, pp. 78-90). This is another business strategy level that will not only see the company increasing its services for the benefit of its customers but also it will see into that the company’ s source of income increases.

Another strategy that the company should consider is strengthening its public relations department. There might be a public relations department but it is good if the company considered strengthening it. This will help the company to deal with whatever problems it might be facing when it comes to attracting more customers and also in dealing with weaknesses and other challenges. The strategies have a strategic impact on the company. They will ensure that the company gains more customers and that it retains its old customers also. When customers get please with services and products from the company then nothing will stop them from being loyal to the company and also encouraging other people to hire services from the company and to also buy products from the company.

The strategies will also increase the source of income for the company. The company will have a large market base financed by its many customers hence earning a large income. In the long run, the company will enjoy an upper hand in the market due to its wide customer base and sources for income.



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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