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The paper "Advertisements Currently Appearing in the Market Environment of the UK" is a wonderful example of an assignment on marketing. Human behavior is the population of conduct displayed by human beings and it is life factors such as traditions, emotions, morals, authority, genetics, and values. The way people act in an organization or society is based on the common activities among the residents, some of these activities may be unusual, acceptable and others beyond the acceptable limits (Paton, 2008). Advertisement in the United Kingdom can be viewed as the behavior of the residents.

This is considered as a form of communicating necessary information with the main intention of persuading the audience or consumers to make more purchases or take any other necessary action toward the products. Most of them are commercial adverts and they often seek to produce increased consumption of products and services. The study below considers some of the commercial advertisements which are commonly used in the UK between September to December 2010 and their effects in the market environment. Advertisements currently appearing in the market environment of the UK Honda CB1300 owners wanted Published: 01:25 PM October 7th,   2010By: Grainger Ian The big one from Basildon – Ford 8210 Published: 10:03 AM November 9th,   2010By: Editor Web The first Chinese luxury brand, NE Tiger is the global leader in haute couture for furs, for the production of wedding clothes and evening gowns.

It holds many studios across Italy, United States, France, and Russia. Consumer electronics brand Haier; in 2008 it recorded sales of more than USD 17.8 billion across all divisions. The company has exceeded Whirlpool as the leading refrigerator producer and achieved a global market share of 6.8%. Commenced in May 2010, the Umeox, a solar-powered, shockproof, waterproof and dustproof mobile phone. Differences between high and low involvement buying Consumer behavior in the market environment is considered as the actions which the consumers display in the cause of their activities such as purchasing, evaluation and disposing of the unwanted products; whether goods or services with the intention of satisfying their needs and wants.

This includes the thoughts they hold or their mental decisions and the physical activities which may involve the decision to buy the products or reject them.

The theory of "hierarchy of needs" by Abraham Maslow’ s considers the higher-order requirements involving the ego needs and those that are self- actualizing and the lower-order needs are concern about mental feelings or psychological security and the social needs. Both low and high involvement purchases are mainly aimed to satisfy the needs of the consumers (Marieke, 2009). High involvement of the buyers is experienced when dealing with the products which are bearing high capital value of goods and services especially those that are psychologically important to the buyer because of their capability to satisfy the ego and social needs thus they are able to bear both the psychological and social risks.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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