Essays on Human Behaviour in Organizations Assignment

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The paper "Human Behaviour in Organizations" is a great example of a finance and accounting assignment. Every organization has structures and procedures that dictate how people should behave in the organization. The functioning of these structures is however strengthened by the employee’ s support and so they must be acceptable to the members of the particular organization. However, various aspects such as the philosophy, values, vision and goals of the organization can also determine how individuals behave in the organization. This is because such aspects determine the culture of the organization which dictates the organizational environment.

The culture, therefore, determines the type of leadership, communications and group performance within the organization. A good culture is important for a better quality of life for the employees within the organization and this motivates them. Once the employees are motivated, the outcomes are better performance since they will feel individual satisfaction and will experience personal growth and development. All these factors determine the behaviour of individuals in an organization. Where the factors are not resulting in a motivating culture, the performance of the organization is always down (Newstrom & Davis, p23). This paper looks at human behaviour in a production organization and various factors that influence it.

In the production industries, the managers are focusing on the functioning of teams as a means of improving the production in their organizations and also ensuring the competitiveness of the organization in the global markets. This is because the success of any production organization depends on its team of employees. The managers are therefore increasingly looking at the behaviour of the employees so that they may have a positive impact on the performance of the organization. Factors influencing individual behaviour in production organizations Some of the factors that may influence human behaviour in the organization include power and politics, conflicts and negotiations, organizational structure and the organizational culture.  

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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