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The paper "Human-Computer Interaction and Web Design for Competitive Advantage" is an outstanding example of an essay on business. The Australian clothing industry has experienced substantial change for the last two decades. The use of online marketing has dominated the industry. Just Jeans and WestCo Jeans have achieved remarkable online retail growth since their inception and this can be realistic for Oz Attitude Clothing. When the introduction of online retail took effect in the late 1990s, there was great doubt about its success. However, this doubt has been overturned by the success of the retail business through the use of a potential internet which has been possible through careful planning by the Just Jeans which has met the needs of their customers. Therefore, there is a great need to sustain the use of the internet in the online business due to its effectiveness and reliability.

The WestCo Jeans and Just Jeans has fully expanded its market share in the industry through the increase in the volume of sales and profits. This growth of both companies is realized through investing in technology as well as human resources.

The prices of pure-play are at most times lower than those of clicks and bricks on the online world. Therefore, Oz Attitude Clothing should follow the steps of Just Jeans and WestCo Jeans in its online marketing implementation. Every human being especially university students have the desire to supplement their livelihoods. The desire leads to the search for a part-time job or even establishing your own small business. It is from this desire and thoughts that Oz Attitude's clothing was born. The company started by university students with the objective of supplementing their university costs came into force in 1985.

At St. Kilda Market in Inkerman Australia, the company started as a stand whose sole objective was to supplement university costs. Jillian Norman and colleague Rosie Khol are the brains behind this great idea. Oz Attitude Clothing attracted a huge following of regular clients who enjoyed the services of Norman and Khol. Many Australians have flocked clothing stores in the last decade due to low prices and fatter paychecks. According to studies, few women were willing to do away with retail therapy compared to men despite the soaring petrol prices.

In the fashion industry competition is fierce and companies that have capitalized in online marketing seem to carry the day. Competitors Norman and Khol company face stiff competition from the already established companies such as Just Jeans and West Co Jeans. The two companies West Co Jeans and Just Jeans deal with fashion and beauty products and greatly dominate in the market of fashion in Australia (Ganahl and Louisa 2009). The West Co Jeans has put in to place the use of podcasts in its online operations as well as ensuring that there are daily blogs as a way of revamping its website and this has given it way in repositioning its strategy of how it operates its website to remain as the second-largest store in Australia.

The website of the fashion company West Co Jeans has been allocated a fresh team of strong members to manage it and this is aimed at producing excellent results in online operations of the company.


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