Essays on British Airways: Employee Relation and Human Resource Planning Case Study

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The paper "British Airways: Employee Relation and Human Resource Planning" is a good example of a case study on human resources. Transportation plays an imperative role in the success of various organizations and business enterprises. Without an effective transportation system, supplies and raw materials will not be moved from one place to another. It is clear that man always needs to move from one place to another. There have been a number of innovations that have been made to help in the mobility of people; air transport is one of them.

However, without effective human resource management in different airlines, there is likely to be little or no benefits from such innovations. The citadel intent of this paper is to elucidate a number of human resource management issues that have dogged the British Airways (BA). The paper has been divided into a number of sections that deal in several sections. The first section is about hiring, selection as well as human resource planning at British Airways. The second section of the paper is about internal communication at the airline. In addition, lastly, the paper discusses a number of issues related to employee relations.

It also gives advice on what can be done to solve the pressing human resource issues. This section has been subdivided into that talk about the psychological influence on performance management and psychological effect on employee relations Company background According to Punzel (2011), British Airways is the biggest airline in the United Kingdom (UK). The airline came about because of the fusion of Imperial Airways, Daimler Airways, and British Air Marine Navigation in 1924. British Airlines has divided its business into two distinct segments.

There is the airline business that comprises of its main scheduled passenger, operations of cargoes as well as revenue from ancillary services. The non-airline business includes Airmiles Travel Promotion Ltd, the London Eye Company Ltd as well as BA Holidays. Its international transport network covered up to 550 destinations. However, BA operates predominantly in America and Europe.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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