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Human Relations Perspective Matrix Key Characteristics and Principles of Human Relations Perspective 1. The human relations perspective suggested that the life bloods of an organization are the employees working at the organization. This meant that individuals who worked for an organization are its assets. 2. The key principle behind the human relations perspective is that to increase the productivity of an organization through employee satisfaction. 3. The human relations perspective therefore stressed on the management to focus on the needs of the employees. To do this, the management has to understand that employees are dependent on each other and their behavior is shaped by the social environment. 4.

The human relations perspective was a transition from the scientific perspective because the scientific perspective focused on productivity and profit and considered employees as extension of the machine. On the other hand, human relation perspective addressed the social and emotional needs of the employees through which the management could increase their productivity (Pugh & Hickson, 2007). Major Theorists and their Contribution to Human Relations Perspective 1. Mary Parker Follett (1968-1933) is considered as the pioneer of the human relations perspective.

She was the first one to suggest that relationship among employees are important and shared influence is established when individuals work together. 2. She emphasized that all organizations are social organizations and that conflict is constructive because progress is not achievable without conflict. 3. George Elton Mayo (1880-1949) carried out the Hawthorne studies which revealed that the need to fit and be acknowledged and security are more significant than the physical settings in which the employees perform their duties. The Relevance to Today’s Manager 1. The human relations perspective is relevant for today’s managers because it emphasizes on the importance of achieving organizational goals through understanding the emotional and the social needs of its employees.

2. It allows the managers of today to provide their employees an environment which enhances the employees’ sense of responsibility and thus increase the overall productivity of the organization. Personal Statement I believe that the contribution of Mary Parker Follett and other theorists were extremely significant because it allowed managers to consider that organizations are social environments and the employees working there are motivated by far more than personal goals.

Impact of Personal Management Framework Human relations perspective has a significant impact on my personal management framework because it will allow me to study the organization at a micro-level and get a view of how employee satisfaction and relationships enhance organization productivity. Bibliography Pugh, D. S. & Hickson, D. J. (2007). Writers on organizations. (6th ed. ). United Kingdom: Sage Publications.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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