Essays on Human Resource Strategy by George Dreher and Thomas W Dougherty Assignment

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The paper "Human Resource Strategy by George Dreher and Thomas W Dougherty" is a good example of a finance and accounting assignment. Human Resource Strategy is a book by George Dreher and Thomas W. Dougherty. The two authors of the book are extremely talented and potential writers of the century. They have discussed various aspects of Human Resource Management and the strategies that can lead to successful outcomes. This book is a new kind of human resource management text because it is written with the general manager in mind.

The text provides a base of key organizational behavior material on why employees behave as they do and how to promote behavior required by implementing a focused business strategy using staffing, development and reward systems. Organized around the concept of creating integrated HRM systems, students first learn about the processes that explain work behaviors. Students are then acquainted with key issues such as linking HRM systems to a firm's business strategy. That knowledge is then used to design an integrated set of HRM practices promoting the behaviors needed for a particular organization.

The text provides detailed and practical examples of the entire process of assessing an organization and designing integrated staffing, development and reward practices. As a result, students become better informed "consumers" of the specialized services provided by in-house human resource professionals and outside consultants and gain insight into how to translate theory into practice. http: //www. amazon. com/Human-Resource-Strategy-George-Dreher/dp/0071181113 This is a book about the reality of people management in large, complex companies. Some of the companies in the research project on which this book is based are considered to be world-class in their management of people, others are not.

All are commercially successful, generally one of the top five performers within their business sector. In their diversity, they represent the type of large companies found throughout the Western world and face the challenges which are discussed in executive boardrooms from London to Stockholm to Cincinnati. The many hundreds of thousands of people these companies employ voice concerns and aspirations you can hear in the local bar or on the evening news (Becker, B. E., Huselid, M. A., and Ulrich, D., 2001).



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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