Essays on Costco Wholesale Corporation - Competetive Advantage through the Staff Case Study

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The paper “ Costco Wholesale Corporation - Competetive Advantage through the Staff” is an outstanding example of the case study on human resources. The strategic and logical approach to the management of an organization’ s most valued assets is Human resource management. It is the people who are working in the organization who are well-thought-out to be an organization’ s most valued assets because of their individual works that collectively contribute to the accomplishment of the objectives of the organization or business. “ Personal management” has been utilized before as a method of keeping an organization in a competitive stand against other organizations, but nowadays, the term “ human resource” and “ human resource management” to a great extent have replaced the term.

The period from the mid-1950s to the early 1960s saw the first works by normative management researchers, who propagated a humanistic image of the employee (Pieper 1990). It was in 1965 that a distinction between human relations and human resources has been introduced by Miles. Furthermore, in the Theories of Management, he describes the three management models; traditional, human relations, and human resources. In the traditional model, the manager closely and constantly monitors the subordinate, who is regarded as work-shy and demotivated.

In the human relations model, the manager is supposed to give the employee, who seeks acceptance and recognition, a feeling of utility and importance. In the human resource model, the manager draws on all the talents and qualities of employees and promotes skills of self-determination and self-management (Miles 1978). Human resource and human resource management evolves rapidly and is now mainly used, instead of “ personal management” in the description of the process and practices involved in managing people in the organization.

Human resource management is both an academic theory and a business practice that aims to help the organization in meeting its own strategic goals through attracting and maintaining employees. It also addresses the theoretical and practical techniques for managing a workforce and aims to improve the efficiency of handling or managing employees.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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