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Established in 1997, Healthfirst International is a leading medical insurance provider offering a large range of local and international medical insurance products and services that provide extensive protection for our members and policyholders. Since establishment, Healthfirst has built a solid reputation for providing innovative and highly competitive health insurance products, offering medical security and piece of mind to individuals, families, and corporate groups. Our aim is to continue to grow market share while providing superior customer service to our members and business partners. Our focus is to provide a dedicated range of innovative and value for money products designed to meet the needs of the Kenyan market.

As a company, we have chosen to compete on quality, and as always, there are cheaper alternatives, but you’ll find nothing better. Healthfirst was the first medical insurance provider on the African Continent to be ISO 9002 certified on February 8th 2001. This it-self is a testament to the fact that we believe in quality management systems and service. Strength: Healthfirst International’s greatest asset is its people. Staff by an experienced, professional and friendly team, our customer service is unbeatable. Security: All our local medical plans and international covers are 100% underwritten. Service: Healthfirst earns client confidence by delivering superior service round the clock.

Healthfirst maintains a 24 hour emergency centre that provides day and night assistance in the event of a medical emergency or evacuation. Healthfirst has its own fleet of fully equipped Ambulances that responds to its members needs where necessary and is able to provide its members with a far more superior service. Product Range include, Inpatient covers, Outpatient covers, Dental Plans, Optical Plans, Maternity covers, Critical illness plans, Personal Accident covers, Last expense covers, Ambulance services, Evacuation servicesInternational Medical & Travel Insurance Services are allianze Worldwide Care Limited, Goodhealth Worldwide Limited, International Health Insurance Denmark a/s (Member of the BUPA Group). Product profile are hospitalisation, outpatient, ambulance services, maternity covers, optical covers, dental covers, critical illness covers: Hospitalisation: As a member of Healthfirst, your hospitalisation benefit entitles you to admission at any of our appointed hospitals in Kenya with no deposit or bills to pay.

And in the case of a medical emergency, admission to hospital and essential treatment are automatic with your Healthfirst membership card.

Upon notifying Healthfirst about the emergency, Healthfirst will monitor your progress and ensure further treatment where necessary. Outpatient: As an outpatient with Healthfirst International you need never worry about the cost of visiting a doctor. Healthfirst outpatient providers are open through out the day and a General Practitioner is always available to see you. Should your case need to be referred to a specialist, Healthfirst will ensure you are in good hands. Ambulance Services: In an emergency Healthfirst International is prepared for a rapid response.

Should you, as a member, need immediate treatment for a life threatening condition and are unable to get to a hospital, just contact the Healthfirst 24-hour emergency numbers that will link you to our Emergency Medical Services division. The staff will dispatch or arrange for a fully equipped road ambulance to take you to hospital, and where necessary, air-evacuate you.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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