Essays on Marketing in the Public Sector Case Study

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The paper "Marketing in the Public Sector" Is a wonderful example of a Marketing Case Study. UNE Life is a name known to the commercials that permit steady and smooth means in which services, as well as facilities, are availed at the university. This form f business has made it possible to avail of a variety of goods as well as services to students as well as a staff member in a convenient way. In this way, the minimum struggle has been reduced in the campus thus making life more enjoyable and fun to students and staff members (John, Sons, & Armstrong, 2004).

The business is concerned with the well being of students on the campus and it, therefore, ensures that a welcome in the environment, enriching the culture and enjoyable moments are part of the students` study time at the University of New England (Medlik, & Ingram, 2000). The business ensures that all these services are available to all students no matter which stage of study they are in. the above is achieved by availing a wide variety of services to the student, this ranges from food staff and meals to sporting activities which make life on campus more exciting than one could imagine.

The business also works to provide an unforgettable socializing environment and place where students can meet and interact. This is facilitated by numerous social facilities like movie theaters, which give the student time to share some experiences together and move along as they pursue their studies. According to John, Sons, & Armstrong, (2004), the life experience that UNE Life offers is so distinct from what other universities have.

This is why it is an outstanding form of business in the institution because it takes into consideration the position and life of students (Medlik, & Ingram, 2000). It tries to make the university to be a ground where students grow in all aspects of life and not in intellectual strength only. As a result of this student from the University of New England are able to cope with ant form of challenge and situation in life because this is what they have been subjected to by the business. UNE Life is a form of business that offers a wide range of services to its customers some of these are health-related others are social while others are important to individual student`s well being.

For instance, there are up to nine business houses by UNE life (Kotler, & Keller, 2005). This includes attractive sports and fitness facilities that are available at the SportUNE platform. This ensures that as students live on the campus their individual health in terms of fitness is well taken care of (Medlik, & Ingram, 2000). The business also avails bars and nightclubs where students can utilize to spend their time after a long day or week of studies.

This is housed under the name The Stro. These services are important because they help students spend a healthy as well as a balanced life while in UNE (Middleton, Fyall, Morgan, & Rachhod, 2009). The other service of relevance is Café Life, which makes it possible for students to have time to relax together while taking coffee. The great Belgrave Cinema gives the most fabulous experience to those who would love to have time at the movies.

This, therefore, covers the entertainment needs of the students hence making boring life in UNE impossibility. The sporting and fitness services offered at the SportUNE is well stocked with all essential devices for sorting. This includes a health center and fitness with a gym.


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