Essays on Challenges that May Affect Emirates Airline in Future and the CHRM Strategies Case Study

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The paper "Challenges that May Affect Emirates Airline in Future and the CHRM Strategies " is a perfect example of a management case study.   Most companies in the world today face serious challenges that threaten to put them out of business. The problems may be quite difficult to solve due to a lack of preparedness or strategies for solving them. This is mainly attributed to the fact that the human resource department did not carry out investigations and surveys to determine the occurrence of such problems in future. With this in mind, the human resource management has carried out a survey using CHRM and has identified likely problems the organization may face in future.

The concept of CHRM is also important in providing a room for assessment of the problems and proposing solutions (Fujimoto, 2007). The environment of the organizations was also assessed to establish potential future challenges. Several problems have been identified and are mainly attributed to the changing nature of the workplace and economic changes as a whole. Workforce diversity is also a contributing factor to the problems predicted. The paper will thus discuss the major challenges that may affect Emirates Airline in future and the CHRM strategies that may solve these problems. Major challenges likely to be faced by the organization in future Change management Most of the employees in the company have been working for the company since its establishment in 1985.

During the period very minimal changes have been taking place in some areas of the company’ s operations. This is mainly because the company had good support from the start and as a result, it became the leading company with minimal competition (Business traveler, 2008).

The company enjoys the support of the government considering that it is a stakeholder in the company. The government was able to put in place measures that facilitated the establishment of the company. However, over the years, new concepts have been developing and the company has to embrace the changes. This is in order to effectively satisfy its clients, to gain certification, to win awards and to beat its competitors and to remain the best airline in the world. The new concepts in the airline industry are the methods currently used to book flights and also the payment methods.

Initially, the clients had to visit the company so as to book for flights; however, with the advent of e-commerce flights can be booked online. Developing a website that supports e-commerce is an important aspect for the company since this will improve sales and also advertisements can be made online. This is comparing to the earlier times when advertisements were mainly made through print media and television. Most of the rival companies have already adapted to some of the practices posing a serious competition to the organization.

Some of the new concepts that have emerged and are a requirement for recognition and certification include quality management, performance management and appraisals and employee empowerment (Dodge, 1994). The company is thus preparing a framework of how these practices will be implemented in the near future (Emirates Airline, 2012). This is set to bring about a lot of changes as the practices are quite involving and have new concepts. Since most of the employees are new to these practices, it is likely to bring about a lot of challenges to the organization due to the change that will be required in the organizational culture and behavior.

The old practices were mainly manual as the use of information technology concepts had not been fully embraced. The clients were attended to manually and data recorded manually. Some employees may adapt at a slower rate, others may resist the changes while others may opt to resign. This will present serious challenges to the organization in terms of managing the changes. This may end up taking a lot of time in training the employees to adapt to the changes which will end up slowing the operations at the organization.

The training of employees in the company is usually conducted internally although external training is sometimes carried out in case the training will take a long period of time.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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