Essays on Human Resource Development Assignment

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IntroductionMajority of engineers all over the world are known to have technical skills only. Their lack of leadership skills has resulted in a situation where they are derided by their colleagues in other departments. Organisations that employ engineers have gained interest in making a transition from engineers just having technical jobs to management positions. (Nankervis, 2008)In order to bridge the gap between the two job descriptions, engineers definitely have to undergo training and development. Through this training and development, they will be in a position to learn both business and interpersonal skills.

Mr. Ian Vaughan and senior management team of Ford Australia and need to incorporate the following aspects in their venture of carrying out training and development of Ford Australia Company staff. (Nankervis, 2008)Assessment of development needs of Ford Australia staffBefore Mr. Ian Vaughan and management in Ford Company invest in training and development of Ford staff, assessment of employees’ training needs to be carried out. This will enable the management in Ford Company to know the exact training needs of staff. (Kaufman, 2007)In analysing or assessing training needs of employees in Ford Company, it is important that the assessment be carried out first for the entire organisation.

This is where corporate training and development needs are identified. This should be carried out through the senior managers having a meeting. They should then discuss human resource development needs within Ford Company as a whole. (Nankervis, 2008) Next, the organisation needs to assess training and development needs at the departmental levels. In this case, the heads of various departments should write reports on training needs of their specific department.

Finally, individual employee’s human resource development needs should be assessed. There are various tools that management in Ford Company can use in assessment of Ford Australia staff. (Alliger, 2007)Questionnaires can be prepared and administered to employees in Ford Australia Company. Survey questionnaires should include questions on areas that employees within Ford Company feel that they should be trained. This is an effective way of collecting a lot of information from employees within a very short time span. Management in Ford Company can also have focused group discussions with employees within the organisation.

This will enable them to ask for clarification on aspects of views that are not clearly understood. It will very easy to know the common training and development needs among employees from the responses that they give. Training and development needs of staff within Ford Australia Company can also be ascertained through a thorough analysis of appraisal sheets. Focus group discussions can also be carried out by management within the Company, heads of departments and employee representatives. (CIPD, 2006)Induction of new staffThis is a very vital aspect in every organisation.

It plays a very great role in overall employee output at the workplace. Induction of new staff enables newly recruited employees to become productive as soon as possible. It is usually a time where newly recruited employees get to understand how the organisation that they have joined works. It is very essential that Ford Company in Australia carries out comprehensive staff induction as soon as new employees are recruited. (Cherrington, 2007)

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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