Essays on Human Resource Development Assignment

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1.0 Section one1.1 Question A: KEY MANAGEMENT SKILLSMangers are individuals who are known to be issued with the mandate of ensuring organizational visions, missions and objectives are achieved. It is evident that if managers lack managerial skills an organization cannot be able to sustain itself especially in this era of globalization and improved new technology (Whetten 2007). Today, most organization has realized the need to recognize certain skills in their management. This is being achieved through identifying current level of management skills and then utilizing the recognized skills in favor of the organization.

The main management skills been used by most organizations across the globe includes; forecasting, controlling and planning, communicating, motivating, decision making, problem solving, organizing and coordinating (Whetten 2007). Based on forecasting, a manager is required to always foresee any kind of risks that may affect decision making within an organization. By so doing one is able to calculate about the future especially in the current global financial crisis. Further, forecasting entails meeting up customer demand through establishing a healthy financial position as part to meet various projected needs (Thomas 2003).

The second management skill is that of planning. Here, planning prepare for the future through constant predictions of what events are likely to affect a business. This skill further tries to establish organizational goals and coming up with strategies which will ensure that these objectives are attained. Planning involves coming up with an organizational structure, wider evaluation of resources, evaluation and implementation of various plans (Badawy 1995). Controlling is also a major management skill required in today running of an organization. There are various types of control which includes; quality, cost, quantity and time control.

All these three types of controls are very effective for a positive organizational output. Decision making is considered to be the stepping stone skill towards achieving organization since decisions are required at all aspect in an organization (Badawy 1995). Decision are categorized into three this includes; operational decision which entails resource allocation, budget and staffing. Secondly we have administrative which entails proper flow of information and good company structure. Finally, we have strategic which deals with making use of opportunities, promotional issues and various choices of products. The other major management skill is that of co-ordination.

This skill is very essential since it ensures all interrelated activities are carried out as planned. Further, it is concerned with attaining a predesigned harmony of all individual within an organization. The directing skill is very fundamental especially in the attainment of organizational objectives through constant motivations and offering guidance to subordinates. Directing skill requires one to be able to issue orders and maintain discipline to junior staff (Badawy 1995). Although directing and motivation work hand in hand with one another, it is evident that these two are usually treated as one skill.

Motivation skill assist in coming up with business conditions that ensures employees are able to strive for positive performance. All the named skills can be achieved by constant engaging in basic leadership activities, whereby leaders are able to meet up and share ideas. Further, as a manager it should be your responsibility to gather information either from primary sources or secondary data on how can be able to acquire managerial skills (Thomas 2003).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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