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IntroductionManagers are individuals who are in charge of others whether human beings or things. On the other hand, management can be defined as the act of operation that involves human, fiscal and physical resources in order to attain organizational purposes through the planning, organizing, leading and controlling functions. Management is available in each kind of organization. Managers are there to ensure smooth running of the business functions. As such, the concept behind management is to aid every to work towards the common corporate goal. Therefore, a manager must strive to achieve all objectives of the business as management may take various facets.

It may involve promoting employees to even changing the method the functions of company`s operation. An effective manager in this case should be able to execute the four functions of a management which includes planning, organizing, leading and controlling. These functions are equally important and should be coordinated to ensure management as a whole operates. Managers should therefore employ strategic planning to make sure these functions are constantly achieved and updated (Conner, 2000). The best strategic planning constitutes of problems, analyzing the root cause of this challenge, creating solution to the problem, and devising a set of inventiveness to handle the problem (Young & Simon, 2005). In this assignment, the paper seeks to outline the concept of effective management.

It will be divided into three parts. The first part looks at one of the Apple`s co-founder, who is has also acted as a Chief Executive Officer in the company Mr. Steve Jobs. His management attributes as displayed at Apple Computers Company will be discussed. The second part discuss importance of training and development in mounting effectual management traits, and the third part constitutes of planning a Human Resource Development program to prepare individuals aspiring for management positions. 2.

Steve P. Jobs as an effective ManagerIn 1976 Steven P. Jobs and Steven Wolzniak build a circuit board in Jobs garage. The circuit board became popular that lead to development of Apple II personal computers (PC). Thus, in 1977 the two founded Apple Computer to make and sell the PC. By 1985, Apple`s sales had risen to nearly $2 billion. Jobs task aimed at leading the planning process to develop new and enhanced PCs, a management style that saw him forced out of Apple.

His history as a founder and manager of Apple, and other companies illustrates the management vision, traits, skills that managers ought to posses to attain the best in their tasks. Steve Jobs concentrated on creating on a positive unusual performance beyond expectation of both stakeholders and outside observers. On leaving apple he developed PC maker NEXT and Pixar which both became a huge success in the market.

In both companies, Job created a patent vision for managers to follow, and to apply so as to put the vision into practice. He also emphasized the culture of collaboration, innovation and creativity. In 2000 when Jobs returned to Apple, it was only worth $5 billion which rose to a value of nearly $200 billion by today. By 2010 nearly 2 million iphone applications had been created making apple the leader in the Smartphone market. The company`s new iPad tablet also brought the management style of Steve Jobs on the limelight as a However, financial performance is not the only sign of Apple`s achievement.

Despite owning only a 9% share of PC industry market, the company also boasts of a 73% in the U. S. MP3 player market and 11% of the global market share in smart phone. Additionally, Apple prides in winning several awards such as “best company” awards for innovation, management and marketing under Steve Jobs management. As such, Steve Jobs was termed a visionary and know for his perfectionist attitude despite harsh conditions that demands quick solutions. For instance when Apple was harshly hit in 2000, he still believed in the better future and went ahead to bring about products like ipod, itune and macintosh.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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