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Executive SummaryThe responsibilities bestowed to the human resource management are central to the staffing demands and needs of the organization. This then is evaluated on the basis of whether to apply the services of independent contractors or proceed to directly hire various people to fill the vacant positions. With reference to the management of the human power within an organization, the human resource management is held with the responsibility of ensuring the peak performance of the respective employees. The conduct of employees with reference to their performance is thus evaluated by this docket.

This is usually in an effort to ensure that all the people employed to work for an organization confirm to the expectations and regulations of the type of work that they are held with. The case at Catastrophe concepts marketing team points to the conduct of a key player in the marketing team. Mr. Caleb McGuire was once a trusted employee in the marketing team but is currently no reliable. He excuses himself on claims of terminal illness. His conduct has forced the rest of the team to take up his responsibilities.

The struggle to fulfill their own duties and fill in the position of Caleb has greatly reduced the efficiency of a number of his colleagues. Lilly Zheng the manager of the marketing team so stressed by constant complains from the rest of the team. Rumor has it that Caleb might be suffering from a serious disease condition. He however has chosen to be very evasive. The situation has forced Lilly to seek the guidance of the human resource manager. This is a briefing of the situation and the recommendations that Mr.

George Chapel should put in place. IntroductionHuman resource management is a vital tool in any organization. It is one among the various variables within the organization that is known to directly affect all the rest. Other variables within the organization are known to affect each other through a feedback mechanism. With reference to the situation at Catastrophe Concept marketing team, the human resource management has a very big role to play. The overall roles of the human resource management in any organization revolve around the management of the human power.

This paper examines the condition at the Catastrophe Concept marketing team. This in is line with the recommendation that the team’s top management should put in place. The implicated case in the above organization points to the conduct of one of the trusted employees. The situation BriefingFollowing the situation in the marketing department, it has come to my knowledge that the looming crisis is as a result of the conduct of one of our own; Caleb McGuire. The under performance of this department at the moment is as a result of the burden in the work load currently held by the team in this particular department.

Following claims of being terminally ill, Mr. McGuire no longer takes up his responsibilities in the marketing department. Most of what was held with him has to be taken up by his colleagues. A number of these colleagues have their own responsibilities as well. In an effort to deliver within the limits of team spirit, a number of duties are not done to the expected standards. The colleagues are under so much pressure from the work load.

The team manager Lilly Zheng is so much pressured to cover up for Caleb and at the same time perform her own responsibilities. Caleb on the other hand does not willingly want to disclose the reason as to why he spends the best part of his time on hospital check ups. A number of his colleagues have now come up with the rumor that he might be suffering from a severe infection. The low performance in this department has forced the top management in the customer relations department to caution the marketing department.

However the leader of the team is seemingly very fade up with the whole situation and has thus sought for the guidance of the top manager in the human resource department Mr. Chapel.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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