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Thesis QuestionAnalyze and evaluate factors which affect HRM strategy in multinationalCorporationsThis report will be covering the study details about linking strategic human resource with cultural orientation, the motivation of employee, cultural orientation of employee, and the performance of multinational firms. The main objective was get a clear relationship between human practice and performance of firm and to determine the relationship between hr practice and employee motivation that is supposed to be dependent on cultural orientation. That means a clear relationship or understanding of motivation linked with employee performance will be studied.

The main part of the study was multinational corporations and the data was collected using questionnaire. IntroductionHRM strategy of multinational corporations are Efficiency (Charles Vance, Yongsun Paik, 2006); Information exchange or organisational learning (Peter Dowling, Denice E. Welch, Marion Festing, 2008); International provisions (Nicholas C. Burkholder, Preston J. Edwards, Libby Sartain, 2003); Convergence of key business processes; and Localisation of HRM policies (Baliga, 1984)Interpersonal skills of the employeesLeadership development has been found to be more important for many organizations and they have been concentrating on improving the soft skills. There has been need for globalizing the soft skills and that includes leadership values.

Global team should possess global mindsets and global soft skills to succeed. In this era of Mergers and Acquisitions, lot of companies has been seen as becoming multi cultural and that means there has been increase of the need for soft skills to make sure that the team works together and stays together. There will be a diverse range of professionals working in an organization like finance, marketing, legal and other frame works. Team goals and objectives should be shared equally by all team members to succeed and this is where the application of soft skills matter.

It is a case of acceptance of difference and clarification of similarities and this has to be understood in detail. The team should be working in a concept of mutual learning and communication strategy should be in such a way that both internal and external communication will work. Soft skills are skills that can be acquired on spot and this is the skill that cannot be developed by reading books and that means advancement in basic oral and written communication skills, basic computer skills and good workplace attitude should be developed in an employee (Gordon). Individuals tend to have different opinions, attitudes, perceptions and beliefs that have been the main factor in creating a conflict situation.

Conflict may be arising due to difference in personalities and it has been identified that conflict has been part of everyday life (Forrester). Studies done by Edwards and Wright have shown that there is link between the human resource practice and the performance of an organization. The performance can be termed as direct and there have been contradictory studies also. Katou and Budhwar has argued that human resource practice will not be leading directly to the business performance of an organization.

They argue that it is the employee motivation that will influence the performance and that

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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