Essays on Recruitment and Selection, and Human Resource Planning Processes Assignment

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The paper "Recruitment and Selection, and Human Resource Planning Processes" is a wonderful example of an assignment on human resources. Human Resource Management provides a thorough understanding of the nature and role of organizations and the management of people at work. It places a great emphasis on the global viewpoint of leadership and management of human resources, along with the social plus the moral criteria which lead to preservation of entrepreneurship, organizational frameworks plus the procedures, cooperation, education, and the innovation. In this global economy, every country is turning towards HR practices.

Because of the multinational businesses and mergers in different countries, these practices are becoming more and more common. For the purpose of conducting research, we will refer to India and the HR practices being used. India is on the verge of becoming one of the most exciting and rising economies of this global economy. There have been traces of HRM can be found in the history and culture of India. Although there have been changes from time to time and they have incorporated many things especially as they have been involved in trading with other countries.

In an article titled ‘ Human resource management in India: 'where from' and 'where to? ' (Spencer, Rajah, Narayan, Mohan & Latiri 2007) it was stated that a recent survey of CEO’ s of Indian companies, suggested that “ Indian managerial leaders were less dependent on their personal charisma, but they emphasized logically and step by step implementation processes. ” The focus of the Indian leaders was also on ‘ empowerment and accountability’ especially in the case of significant turnaround and pioneering challenges. I have an understanding of the role of HRM for organizational success and this enhances my knowledge about human resource practices in various organizational settings.

From the first half of the module of Human Resource Management, I am able to understand the role of Human Resource Management in any organization.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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