Essays on Human Resource Management Models and Strategies in Telstra Case Study

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The paper “ Human Resource Management Models and Strategies in Telstra” is a thoughtful example of the case study on human resources. Human Resource management is a practice that plays a significant role in attaining the goals of an organization. In the process of striving to attain the objectives of the organization it does not exist to achieve some goals of its own goals, Peter and John (2007) highlight that management is getting things done through people, this implies that human resource management performs the role of meeting the organization's objectives through using the workforce. Telstra is categorically one of the biggest Telecommunication organizations in Australia that has had a long history in the country.

This particular essay aims at examining the Human Resource Management function within Telstra in light of the notion that human resource management contributes to meeting organizational goals however the practice may sometimes not achieve some goals of its own. Furthermore, the essay will analyze the strategic purpose and direction of the organization. How the planning and implementation of HRM Policy and practice have so far enhanced the attainment of the organization's corporate goals. Telstra Corporation Limited (Telstra) offers a wide range of telecommunication services all over Australia including basic access services to many households and businesses, local as well as long-distance telephone call services, internet and mobile services.

Telstra Corporation has telecommunication networks, distribution channels as well as integrated portfolio of assets such as Bigpond, Foxtel and Sensis. Over the recent years the organization has been experiencing a declining performance; however Telstra has been focused on serving its consumers with better and improved telecommunication and information technology services (Trujillo 2006).

Human Resource management is therefore an essential management function in Telstra which has facilitated the organization ability to meet customer’ s needs and maintain its competitive advantage.



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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