Essays on Human Resource Management Assignment

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IntroductionHuman resource management department is very essential in every organisation. This is more so in relation to planning and implementing ideas. One of the major tasks of the human resource managers is to monitor both the internal and the external environments of their organisations. There are various tools that are used to audit an organisation and its environment. They include swot analysis, five forces analysis and pestle analysis. The following facts were accrued from CICs case study. (Kotler, 1996)SWOT analysisStrengthsStrengths within an organisation always refer to positive aspects therein.

This could be related to how an organisation is aligned to face challenges in the market. It may also refer to strategies that have been put in place in order to increase an organisation’s market share. (Kotler, 1996)An organisation could be well aligned in term of human resources therein, technology wise or even service delivery. A thorough analysis of the Chester Insurance Company shows that there are various strengths within the organisation. One of them is the fact that it is technically focused. In this case, it means that the organisation is well aligned in terms of updated technology.

(Albrecht, 2000)The management in Chester Insurance Company has ensured that all employees are well trained on issues of information technology. Outdated operation software has been changed so that it can offer better services to its customers. The organisation has also invested in better equipment and machineries like laptops. This is a real strength therein. CIC is also an organisation that is process driven. This means that its processes have been tailored in such a way that they are effective and efficient.

They are shorter processes that are simplified and therefore customers do not find them a problem. This connotes that the organisation’s processes are not complicated that customers and employees cannot handle or effectively deal with them. Having a large customer base is strength of the organisation. CIC has increased its customer base to approximately seven million customers. This means that the organisation has a big market share within the business environment. (Reilly and Tony 2006)When an organisation has a big market share, it means that it its risks have been widely and effectively spread.

Chester Insurance Company therefore also boasts of the goodwill it enjoys in the market. In this case, customers simply prefer to get services from the organisation than its competitors. When customers hear the name of the organisation, success automatically rings in their minds. Goodwill is a strength quality within an organisation that the management needs to exploit because it is an aspect that it subject to changes. CIC has assets worth 32 billion dollars and this is great strength for the organisation. (Boudreau and Ranmstad 2007)WeaknessesWeaknesses within an organisation may refer to aspects that generally deter it from achieving its objectives.

Many weaknesses within an organisation may crop up when the management fails to implement the set policies. It could also mean that policies enacted are not well aligned to overall achievement of success.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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