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The paper "Performance Management System " is a perfect example of a management essay.   Performance management is a method through which the performance targets of an organization is achieved by using the different resources in the most effective manner. It is an integral part of the organization and starts as soon as the targets are determined and based on it the resources are allocated so that the objectives can be achieved. Performance management thereby looks at both the tactical and strategic issues. On the strategic front, it looks towards determining the objectives which have to be achieved.

The objectives should be such that it inclines with the overall business objectives and helps to work in a planned manner. The tactical objectives deal with the allocation of resources and look to achieving the objectives in the most beneficial manner (Anderson, 2004). This will help the organization to achieve the objectives at the same time perform in a manner which multiplies the overall effectiveness. To ensure that performance management provides maximum benefit the following key elements have to be ensured The most important key element of performance management is determining the level of performance which has to be achieved.

The goal which is determined should be such that it facilitates the resources to work in a manner that it can be achieved. The goals should be realistic and should imply that it will be achieved by using the resources in a correct manner and is something which the business can incline with the overall goals of the business (Behn, 2002). Performance management should determine the level of competencies that will b required to achieve the stated objectives.

Clear indications regarding the competencies should be provided so that employees are able to plan accordingly and work on the areas which help them to accomplish the target and also results in efficient use of the resources. The performance management process should specify the process in which the resources and activities will be processed and the manner in which the employees will be motivated to achieve the goals. Steps have to be taken to motivate the workforce and employees should be empowered with additional powers which helps them to perform and work according to the different business requirements and helps in the accomplishment of the goals.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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