Essays on Human Resources Issues at R&R Ltd Case Study

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The paper “ Human Resources Issues at R& R Ltd ”   is an inspiring example of a case study on human resources. Human Resource Management is a system at the workplace responsible for staffing, compensating employee benefits and defining employee duties. Good Human Resource Management is an essential factor in determining the productivity of employees and how they treat clients (Daley, 2006). There exist various models of Human Resource Management. Hard Human Resource Management model is mainly focused on resource control. In this model, employees are viewed as resources. The main aim of the model is to drive and achieve strategic firm goals and objectives.

This undermines the voice of employees and thus are treated as assets. This seems to have the model adopted in R& R Ltd and its adverse effects affect the growth and development of a business. The company has a chain of stores that are currently facing high competition from similar stores. The basic assumptions of R& R Ltd's goals and strategies range from increased productivity, high competitive advantage to contemporary employee engagement and higher client preference. This paper, therefore, seeks to explore the main Human Resource practices which need improvement in the company and later identifies various training that could contribute to the improvement. Key Task oneHuman Resource Management in the United Kingdom and other parts of the world has evolved over years with different models and theories trying to explain its contemporary nature.

From the issues identified by Johanna, it is evident that the R& R Human Resource Management and general employee engagement is wanting. The form of leadership is that of imposing ideas onto the workers (Fleming, 2000).

This, therefore, leads to employee demoralization and in the end Work-related stress. The issues surrounding the stressed workforce are reduced productivity and poor client relations which is likely to lead to reduced clients and when the pressure is too much employee turnover becomes rampant. Human Resource Management is distinct from personnel Management which was the traditional way of managing employees and their welfare during and after World War two (Mathis et al, 2016). The evolution of Human Resource Management was as a result of increased competition among companies in the early nineteen eighties.

It, therefore, sprung to help increase competitive advantage. One of the functions of Human Resource Management is to ensure that employees are committed to their roles and responsibilities as opposed to imposed compliance. This function, however, seems to have been undermined in R& R Ltd. as identified by Johanna. Proper Human Resource Management does not seek to control and command. It is comprised of leaders of integrity who possess good leadership skills. It seeks to engage employees in the identification of their duties instead of commanding them on what to do.

Recruitment is the process that entails the attraction of individuals to apply for vacant positions or newly created positions in an entity, company or firm (Mathis et al. , 2016). It can entail the promotion of already employed individuals who are qualified for the position which is termed as an internal selection. At R& R Ltd, it was identified to be one of the issues which need advancement since it takes a long period of time. The long process for employee selection and recruitment in the company of study is likely to influence the low number of employees and also the high rate of employee turnover.

It is a crucial function of Human Resource Management which should be discrimination-free. This practice of Human Resource Management is usually preceded by planning. This entails the identification of more employees or a vacant position in a particular entity.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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