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The paper "Employee Counselling in the Workplace " is a perfect example of management coursework.   Employee counselling in the workplace seems to be the latest trend that is closely catching up incorporate Human resource management all over the world. The world we live in seems to be very complex and thus it presents various types of stress in our lives and most especially in organizations that employees working in. Employment counselling services have been adopted by a great number of organizations as being the latest tool in attracting as well as retaining the best among the employees and at the same time increase the quality of the organization's workforce. In the business world that we operate in there is practically no organization or company that can claim to be free from stress to have employees who are stress-free.

The employees may at times be depressed, stressed and at times they may be suffering from anxiety that is mainly due to the different issues in the workplace for example meeting of targets, managing deadlines, family commitments and also due to lack of adequate time to accomplish certain personal commitments. Companies have over time realized the advantages of having employees who are stress-free yet they are capable and motivated.

In relation to this, a number of organizations have adopted counselling services and it has been made part of the overall organizational culture. The organizations seem to be offering these counselling services to their employees. Discussion Employee counselling is commonly termed as the help and support that is offered to the employees for them to be able to sail and face all the difficult situations in life. In most instances in a person’ s life or in their career lives people are faced with certain problems that are either work-related or personal and they eventually start affecting and influencing the performance of the employees and there is also a noted increase in the stress levels of those individuals.

Counselling is more related to guiding, advising, consoling, helping and sharing with the aim of resolving problems whenever they do arise (Werner & DeSimone 2009). A great number of people view that employee counselling as just another example of the management team playing the role of a big brother, and according to them, they are of the view that in instances when the employees cannot be able to handle what is in the organization they are supposed to leave.

They mostly apply the quote that says that ‘ if employees cannot take the heat, it would be better if they let to get out of the kitchen’ (De Cieri et al. 2005). Contrary to what they believe employee counselling seems to be an important aspect of a business. Theoretically, psychological counselling which is a type of counselling that is applied by experts with the aim of analyzing work-related behaviors and performance with the aim of assisting employees to cope with it, resolve the tribulations and conflicts and reinforce the desired level of results (Foot & Hook 2005). The reason why counselling is not another example of managers playing the big brother is that it has over time become an important and essential function for the managers.

The companies can either opt to ask for help from the experienced employees or at times from the professional counselor.

The increased level of complexity in employee lives needs to take careful consideration of various aspects (Dessler 2004). With the major one been performance counselling. In most instances, the urgent need for counselling mainly arises when an employee depicts signs of decline in performance, bad decision making and being stressed in the workplace. In the above-stated instances, employee counselling seems to be the most appropriate way to deal with the problems. The counselling ought to deal with all the aspects that are closely linked to the performance of the employee, for example, their responsibilities, set targets, employee aspirations, and problems being faced by the employee and their interpersonal relationship in the workplace (Dessler, Griffiths & Lloyd-Walker 2007).


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