Essays on Requirements for Job Description, Recruitment and Selection Coursework

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The paper "Requirements for Job Description, Recruitment and Selection" is a great example of management coursework.   The importance of the job description is to provide the job applicants with context, as well as the broad overview of what the job entails. Its objective is to outline the main responsibilities, goals, as well as the duties of the employees who are interested in working with the company. Further, the job description seeks to give more information on the nature of the advertised job and the working environment. Therefore, job descriptions are a valuable tool for Human Resource Manager in their pursuit for the quality workforce within the organization (Sharma, 2009). Requirements for Job Description However, in the case study of the “ Seventh Heaven” a luxury six-star resort, their job description advertisement did not consider all the necessary specifications for the job description in their endeavour to look for an employee to fill in the vacancy for the resort position.

First, a comprehensive job description harmonizes the equality of the selection process. The selected job applicants are considered for training without discrimination on age or gender (Gitman & McDaniel, 2009).

Nonetheless, from the “ Seven Heaven” job description advertisement on the vacancy of the resort’ s position was restricted to “ an attractive young blond” , the nature of the advertisement failed to consider the equality in the resort’ s workforce since they could not have discriminated against gender. Therefore, it can be deduced “ Seven Heaven Resort” concentrated on the physical appearance of the workforce rather than the quality and the qualifications of the workforce. Duties and Responsibilities While advertising for the available jobs within the organization the human resource manager should provide all the information necessary for the advertised post.

However, in the case study, the selection and the recruitment team did not give all the relevant details, all the responsibilities and the duties that were supposed to be undertaken by the applicant for the resort position. The resort’ s recruitment and the selection team only specified one responsibility to be undertaken by the resort applicant “ accommodation enquiries” . Further, they did not identify the position to be filled in the “ Seventh Heaven” as the only mentioned that they needed a young blond to fill the “ resort position” .

Similarly, the job description did not provide the actual place where the applicant was supposed to work, they only stated: “ maybe the opportunity to work elsewhere in the resort” . However, this is was not in line with the requirements of the job description as it should specify the working environment, as well as the terms and conditions for the available vacancy. Similarly, they were not specific on the background of the applicant as they stated, “ only those with a suitable background need to apply” .

However, according to requirements of the job description the selection and recruitment team of the “ Seventh Heaven” had failed to provide equal opportunities for the applicants. A comprehensive job description should accord equal chances for all applicants regardless of their religious, racial or cultural backgrounds (Armstrong, 2010). Goals and Objectives For instance, the selection and the selection and the recruitment team in the resort are not fair to all applicants as it concentrates on the background and physical appearance of the applicant rather than the qualifications and the quality of their labour force. Moreover, the quality and the qualification of the labour force is the most important aspect of an organization in order to meet its goals and objectives.

Thus, for every organization, people are the most important resource to ensure its success and job satisfaction for the employees. Therefore, the “ Seventh Heaven” should have considered the value the employees should add to the organization in their job description through giving proper description on the available post to absorb workers with appropriate skills, expertise and abilities. Hence, job description plays a significant role in the recruitment and the selection process of a business as they act as a tool of reference when developing a pool of applicants for a specific job position.

A Job description helps the business in future planning for the needs of human resource as it makes possible to identify the gaps that are within the organization (Durai, 2010).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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