Essays on Technological Unemployment for HR Managers Essay

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The paper “ Technological Unemployment for HR Managers” is an exciting variant of essay on human resources. Advancement in technology has paved the way for easier means f communication, file production, transportation and a great deal in the employment of the company stuff. A narrowed focus on its impacts in HRM has been comparatively easier recruitment through rapid and effective data analysis, evaluation of job performance and thus the need for promotion (Stone et al. , 2015). The impacts of technological advancement in businesses are so immense to the extent that some businesses and organizations are unable to operate without computers.

These effects are eminent in almost all departments of an organization including the finance departments, marketing departments, production department, sales, and product promotion department as well as the human resource management department. The human resource managers have effectively explored these merits presented with the technological advancement while oblivious of the rate at which their functions and roles played in these organizations are becoming obsolete (Son, 2015). In this paper, a discussion of the impacts of embracing technological advancement at the expense of Human Resource managers losing there will be presented.

The paper will give focus on each issue and an explanation of how it affects human resource management in the long run to the extent of their functions becoming obsolete for their organizations. DiscussionTo commence with the various recruitment, human resource managers have always relied on the use of newspapers among other dailies in seeking employees. This was done to reach the possible person to be recruited into the organization. However, this has been replaced by the use of online media in which the organizations post for possible prospects from the public through the use of the internet (Schalk et al. , 2013).

The specific position is posted online on the specific company’ s website among other pages to reach the target personnel. However, as human resource managers embrace this art that seems easier and more productive, their role in print media and other publications is with time becoming obsolete. Once the positions are advertised, interviews and other procedures follow. The role of human resource managers in conducting interviews composed of interviewing personnel has been obsolete as these are effectively done online where the applicants submit their CVs and subsequently analyzed, specific questions made and the qualified individuals employed (Panayotopoulou et al. , 2010). In seminars among other forums where communication is to be made to individuals of diverse languages, a barrier that existed was resolved by a team of translators who could act as intermediaries to facilitate these communications.

However, with advancements in technology, organizations are moving towards the use of automatic devices that translates language spoken to the recipients’ language. The development of voice devices with an ability to translate one language into the other through telephones has been embraced by human resource managers.

These devices have the ability to translate one language into the other with a view of enhancing global communication (Nolan, 2010). This makes translation easier even without an intermediate human translator to facilitate effective communication. These devices are however taking up the roles of the human resource managers who had the sole responsibility of recruiting and monitoring the person who could otherwise be the intermediate for translation purposes.    

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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