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Human Resource Management Case Analysis Executive Summary Windsor is currently facing a critical shortage of doctors and other health practitioners. For that reason, there is needed to come up with a strategy that will be able to attract more doctors into the area. While doing this, the strategy has to consider the other challenges being faced in the region. Therefore, the strategy should provide multiple solutions. This analysis recommends a series of interventions that if implemented within the next four months, the results might reduce the shortage greatly.

This analysis recommends that the Health services recruitment office work on a global platform while making advertisements for job openings and also review the remuneration plan in place. Other interventions recommended are use of International Health organizations to acquire volunteer doctors who can supplement the effort of the current doctors as a temporary solution. Problem formulation Windsor-Essex is currently faced with multiple problems related to health care. First is the lack of enough finances to run the health care system in the region and this has led to poor health facilities and services to the people.

The second and the most critical problem is the shortage of doctors in the health centers. The hospitals are currently straining with a low number which is a very risky situation to be in. The health care system of any place is very crucial as it deals with human health and lives directly. The lives of people living in Windsor is most definitely in danger and quick solutions have to be implemented in order to address this issue. This analysis focuses on the problem related to shortage of doctors as this is more crucial.

Regardless of how advanced the equipment the hospitals might have, it would only make sense if there is a well trained and qualified personnel to utilize them. According to Waxman (272) shortage of doctors has a great impact not just to the patients and the community around but greatly on the available personnel who have to stretch their services in order to meet and satisfy the high demand in their workplace. The leadership and the local government have set up the Health Services Recruitment services in order to help enroll new doctors into the system.

The current crisis can be associated with the movement of health care related labor to other parts of Canada and neighboring USA which seem to offer better terms. Analysis and alternatives Wider advertisement on job openings The recruitment officer has been limited to traditional methods of advertisement and taking referrals from other health practitioners. This has limited the scope of reach for the advertisement and hence limiting the number of potential employees coming for the job interviews. The most important thing is to give this process a global perspective.

Rosenberg (43) says that advertising on global platforms gives an organization a wide range of options as more qualified people apply for the job. Work on an avenue that will be able to reach to people from all over the world. The avenues to deploy include; a. Use of the internet (Use of company website and the social media) b. Use of internationally recognized media houses c. International medical journals and magazines Improve remuneration The fact that doctors have been leaving to go to other markets means that maybe the terms and conditions of working are not favorable.

By improving the working conditions and enhancing the remuneration, the city will be able to not just retain the little number of doctors already working but will also attract more doctors from other markets. According to Aswathappa (277) employee remuneration is one of the most effective motivation that can guarantee an institution success and delivery. Regular review of payment system is very necessary. International partnership with health organizations There are doctors from different parts of the world that work as volunteers or whose main aim is to offer their services with little consideration to their salaries and working conditions.

Such doctors are affiliated to certain international organizations and NGOs like the World Health Organization, The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, Doctors without border among others. Such organization can provide temporary solutions and at times long term solutions to such crisis as shortage medical personnel. The advantage that comes with this is that it might be economic to maintain and the personnel to be acquired are more qualified and experienced.

According to Information Resources Management Association (298) the volunteering doctors have been very instrumental in solving health crisis as they are able to offer emergency and immediate solutions. Review qualification requirements By working closely with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario responsible determining the selection measure and the Assessment Program for International Medical Graduates, it is vital to review the qualification requirements for the doctors. The new plan should be able to accommodate more people by lowering the qualification. It is important that this is a very crucial step that should be done in a way that will need lead to compromise of quality of service in the hospitals.

An area that can be reviewed may is experience of the candidates. Fresh graduates can be considered then offered mentorship programs with the current employees who are experienced and almost going for retirement. Decisions Improving remuneration and reviewing qualification requirements According to Kabene (80) doctors just like any other professionals are attracted to better markets and greener pastures. In order to attract the doctors is through improving the remuneration and the working conditions.

It is true that Windsor currently faces financial constraints and may not be able to advocate for this new plan. Nonetheless, collaboration with the state government will facilitate this. The improvements could also be in form of terms of service other than simply payment. This plan would also be supported more with the organization reviewing the qualification requirement. This means that the candidate to apply for the job might not necessarily be that qualified and hence their pay may not be so high. Action and Implementation International partnership with health organizations This plan will be executed by the Health Services recruitment services in collaboration with the Ontario Ministry of Health.

The plan should be implemented by the end of the next three months maximum. The current situation cannot stand more time. In order to measure the success of this plan the presence of volunteer doctors and nurses within Windsor will be looked at. Review qualification requirements This will be executed by the Health Services recruitment services, the HR department, Ontario Ministry of Health, and the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons and the Assessment Program for International Medical Graduates.

The implementation should take place in the next three months before the running of the advertisement for job openings. High number of job applications after the running of the advertisements will determine the success of strategy. Improve remuneration This will be executed by the Health Services recruitment services, the HR department, Ontario Ministry of Health, Ontario Ministry of Finance and the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario. The review should start immediately in order to help plan for the rest of the interventions.

The measure of success of will be through the number of candidates to apply for the job. All interviewees’ comments regarding the pay will be used to determine the impact and success of the strategy. Wider advertisement on job openings This intervention will be executed by the Human resource, Information Technology and the marketing departments at the Health services recruitment office and the HR department. The advertisements will be run four months from now. The success will be measured by number of applicants as well as the scope of reach.

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