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The paper 'The Role of HRIMS in Resolving the Present Predicament in CGMS" is a good example of a human resources essay. In the dynamic contemporary business environment, the occurrence of a crisis is quite common. A case in point is the recent financial crisis which greatly subjected many organizations to various challenges that required good managerial skills and decisions. A crisis can be described as an unanticipated and sudden occurrence that may result in unrest amongst stakeholders within an organization. A crisis normally causes a sense of instability within the organization.

This is because it may affect departments within the organization, employees, project teams and even the management. As a result, there is a need for the management of an organization to control the crisis immediately. This particular paper presents a case study analysis of crisis control within the GMS Company. Role of the HR function In all corporate governance, HR functions have developed from simple to crucial activities. HR functions are categorized into two, which are staff functions and line functions. Line functions relate to the management of the HR department while staff functions refer to assistance given to other managers in undertaking their responsibilities without affecting employees.

Generally, Human resource functions refer to activities undertaken in organizations to support and coordinate human resources (Kleynhans 2006, 73). They include planning, selection, recruitment, human resource development and training, compensation and benefits, safety and health and employee relations (Sharma, 2009, 58). In developing a medium and long-term strategy to attain the conflicting goals of minimizing costs and maintaining the required human capital, it is essential for the Human resource department to effectively plan, compensate and create good employee relations. In order to achieve the short and long-term strategy of attaining the conflicting goals of minimizing costs and maintaining the required human capital, the human resource department should reduce the salaries and wages of some employees in the short run.

Salaries of some employees should be reduced until the financial crisis is over. This will assist in minimizing the costs incurred by Global mining services (GMS).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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