Essays on Computer Training in Microsoft Office Application Packages Case Study

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The paper 'Computer Training in Microsoft Office Application Packages" is a good example of a management case study. This session entails of Ms Office applications and internet and email which are more applicable in the execution of office tasks. Ms Office comprises of different packages which include; Ms Windows, Ms Word, Ms excel, Ms PowerPoint, Ms Access and Ms Publisher. For this session the trainees will be trained in three main ms office applications which are; ms word, ms excel ms access where; ms word is a word processing used for typing letters en memos.

Ms excel is used for statistical data purposes, ms access is used for database management. Internet and email are also very essential in and organizations' communication because it’ s an instant method of communication. After going through the presentation as articulated in the handouts, the trainees will do the practical part of using the ms office application by following the following steps; The trainer will encourage the trainees to make the to be as interactive as possible by setting them in pairs during the practical part of the session. You are allowed to ask me any questions at any time. Introduction Welcomes and orientation The trainer introduces himself or herself and then the trainees are given a chance to introduce themselves.

The trainer then establishes from the trainees what they already know about the training session topics to break the ice. According to Beisse (2010, pg. 449), a successful training session is where the trainer establishes what the trainees already know, so they do not waste the trainee's time. Workplace safety According to Raymond (pg. 82), there are likely risks always found where there are multiple computer systems in one room.

The main problems that the trainees could encounter are; Tripping accidents cause by placing Items like coats that are not placed safely. They should be placed under the computer desk. Electrical safety. Occasionally look away from the screen. Staring into a computer monitor too long will strain your eyes.



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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