Essays on Human Resource Management in Practice - Pizza Hut and Dominoes Case Study

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The paper 'Human Resource Management in Practice - Pizza Hut and Dominoes" is a good example of a human resources case study.   The report focused on the importance of having an effective Human Resource Management (HRM). Viewed as an important area in the managerial structure of any business or organization, HRM ensures the maximization of the employees’ performance through well-designed strategic objectives. Primarily, HRM deals with the management of the people and ensuring their roles are in line with the organization’ s policy and systems. It is from such a background that the report will be focusing on the HR departments of Pizza Hut and Dominoes.

Because the fast food industry is increasingly becoming important, the industry is experiencing rapid growth with stiff competition forcing other business entities to formulate their marketing strategies that meet the needs of the clients. However, most businesses fail to account for the crucial role played by HR in ensuring improved organizational performance. The report viewed Porter’ s model in analyzing the performance of HR departments. Introduction During the past four decades, both Pizza Hut and Dominos have been able to build a reputation for excellence, which earned them the respect of the consumers and industry.

Building the leading pizza company requires innovation, commitment to providing quality products, and dedication to customer service and value. In addition, the entrepreneurial qualities, growth, and leadership are some of the factors that characterize both the businesses through the years of operation. Through focusing on the strength of cultural diversity, people, heritage, and franchisees, Pizza Hut has the objective of exploring the whole market niches (Warshaw, 2006, 177). The main HR role is to manage the available human resources; therefore, it is important to hire an HR with much on the performance of the employees.

Both the fast foods use strategic human resources management (SHRM) which is a method of managing human resources and support the organizational long-term objectives and outcomes with the focus on the strategic framework.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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