Essays on Recruitment and Legal Compliance Assignment

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The paper 'Recruitment and Legal Compliance" is a good example of a human resources assignment.   The workforce of an organization is vital in determining the types of products and services that they provide to their consumers. Similarly, recruitment in organizations could also be in the form of other resources. A great size of attention needs to be required to attract and retain the well-experienced and well-motivated workforce. McDonald's has recruited experienced and committed employees. Having a big workforce of about 122,458, Mcdonald's is sure to have an experienced workforce among the employees.

The large size of the workforce helps McDonalds to gain a competitive advantage over its competitors as they can serve a bigger geographical region. Such services offer more customer satisfaction since the consumers are given first had services and products, thus increasing consumer loyalty. Legal compliance entails companies safeguarding their continued existence and operations to the public through compliance with the already existing labor, tax laws and other employment laws governing the organization. The Human Resource Management of McDonald's has to be observant of the employment practices, tax allowance, minimal wage and any discrimination policies that may exist. Human resource policies for better results Ensure the financial policies are put in their right place Ensure that the employee feedback is done regular Evaluate the improvements that can be made for employees to enjoy better working conditions Human resource suggestions to improve teamwork in an organization Define the responsibilities of each individual in the organization Provide training and information to the employees on the importance of working as a team Enhance cooperation activities within the organization Develop means to mediate disputes in the organization Assessment activity task 2: Before 1984, South Australia had become a hub for discrimination both in the public and private sectors.

The major sectors where discrimination was adamant were in the workplaces where it was evident even to the volunteers, accommodation, selling off land, customer service, advertising and education.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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