Essays on How Human Resources Function Could Add to the Profitability of a Firm Assignment

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The paper “ How Human Resources Function Could Add to the Profitability of a Firm" is a  fascinating example of an assignment  What is the general concept of the role of HR in an organization of some 600 employees? The general concept of the role of HR in an organization of 600 employees is “ the policies and different practices used by the firm to maintain and manage their human capital, includes recruiting, screening, training, rewarding and appraising steps. ” Those 600 employees’ are recruiting by using different techniques of recruitment and selection. Then these employees are posted to their required positions, trained and developed.

Later the HR duty involves measuring the performance of their employees and to reward and appraise those providing the best quality services for the firm. 2. How the HR function fits into the general function pattern of an organization? Answer: the whole organization actually divides into two main broad categories according to the activities that took place in the organization; the primary activities and the support activities. Human resource is a support activity that helps the prime activities in day-to-day performance.

It recruits people for other departments and activities. Not only this, but they also keep measuring the performance of each employee working in different departments for different activities. It fits into the general function by providing skilled employees according to the demand, trained them and measures their performance with time. HR department updates each department about the performance of their employees. It actually supports other primary and support activities. 3. Generally what the HR department should do and what is the priority of activities HR Administrator would emphasize? Answer: the major function that the HR department should perform is to recruit the best employees required for different job positions in the firm.

Other than this they must keep the firm updated with the latest techniques that must be acquired to train, develop and measure the employee’ s performance. The prior activity, on which the HR must emphasis is the best recruitment techniques enabling to provide skilled employees, trained them with time and measures their performance. Their main activity of HR is to maintain and manage the human capital of the firm. 4. How formalizing personnel would affect the decentralized personnel authority? Answer: formalizing the personnel directly affect the decentralization authority.

In decentralization, the managers are empowered and they can make the decision but to some extent. In formalizing personnel, the managers are trained for their specialized field and they are limited to their field only. This creates more formal characters in the personnel that keep them limited to their field. This formalized personnel are empowered to take sufficient decisions and they are able to handle their field and activities. Therefore, more formalized personnel it will directly affect the decentralization authority.

  5. Examples of how HR functions could add to the profitability of a firm and provide relief for the operating executive without impairing their control over personnel? Answer: HR provides profitability to the firm by providing skilled and trained personnel on which less effort is required. Such skilled and trained personnel require less training and development and thus reduce much of the cost. On the other hand, these skilled personnel provides for efficient and effective services to the firm that increases the productivity level and efficiency of the firm.

They act as intermediates that keep the operative executive updated about their employee’ s. They indirectly keep the employee’ s informed about the messages of the executive. In a simple word, they are simply a communication level between the executives and lower-level employees thus keeping control over the employees on the behalf of the operative executives.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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