Essays on International Human Resource Management - Issues Arising and Key Solutions Case Study

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The paper “ International Human Resource Management – Issues Arising and  Key Solutions” is an impressive variant of the case study on human resources. There is a Communication breakdown in the higher level of departments in the organization. The company has different departmental sections led by various managers and administration officers. Worth noting was that the senior management teams between the departments do not relate with each other. There is also a lack of interaction between the senior management staff and their subordinate staff in each department across the company. The workers based in Australia do not want to embrace change nor improvement of the product.

The heads of the department have also refused to collaborate with other heads from subsidiary companies like Singapore, China, and Vietnam. Low-quality productsThe production of quality air crafts has decreased tremendously. The company chief executive officer, Mr. Adam O’ Meara noted that clients are complaining about the quality of aircraft that "No name aircraft company trades with over 50 countries by selling them air crafts. The said countries now have either refused to place any more orders or refused to pay for the air crafts that have been supplied and do not meet the stipulated class.

This has led to a major financial crisis in the company. The government and non-governmental organizations that buy air crafts from the no-name companies have given a six-month duration, failure to which they will stop doing business with them. Structural management in the "NO name company has also greatly influenced in the rundown of the company. A key to note is that there is a lot of resentment from the staff who hold various technical work.

They won't without supervision and the won't also allow the supervisors to check their work. The senior technical staff resents the junior technical staff who refer to them as "recruits". Ben brown a member of the harnessed team responsible for assembly of air crafts quotes" there is no integration across the teams" this is brought about by fewer team players and lack of work specification from the team leaders of each sub-technical department to the other.

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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