Essays on Human Resource Management in a Global Economy Case Study

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The paper “ Human Resource Management in a Global Economy” is a well-turned variant of the case study on human resources. Present companies are continuously struggling to embrace the dynamic changes and renovation of key functional units so as to be on a competitive edge with others. In this technological era, the changes involve updating their operating systems while ensuring every effort is inclined towards information updates. For the reason that such dynamics in business setup challenge many firms as they work toward their goals such as increasing production, sound staffing, and manage the operations.

The behaviorist approach to performance management relies on the thought that a firm or potential employer can secure the right level of performance from workers based on an expression of desirable behaviors (Evans & Chun, 2014). In rapidly changing organizations, sustainable competitive advantage in the contemporary world is the competent management of the workforce. Human behavior impacts workplace diversity and determines production at different levels. It’ s, therefore, important for managers at “ No Name” Aircraft to understand ways in which diversity at workplace impact on employees’ morale and teamwork since they are operating in a diverse environment, that’ s in China, Singapore, and Vietnam. Staffing - Operations across different countriesThe staffing process for No Name Aircraft is overwhelming given the fact that the company operates in three different countries with a different set of systems.

But when conducted in a better way, it is rewarding because of available manpower on the job market. The company should position itself strategically in the job market especially when dealing with recruiting new staff and training them, as it will help “ No Name” Aircraft get the right staff from the three countries it operating in (Armstrong et al.

2010). Human capital is believed to be a key resource and crucial to the success factor of the firm. The people within the organization are the ones that assist in the operation and ensuring duties assigned are executed to the latter hence leading to the achievement of set goals. “ No Name” Aircraft is increasingly competing with established aircraft in the aviation industry in recruiting talented.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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