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The paper 'Human Resource Management Plan' is a great example of a Management Case Study. The CEO of the Japanese Engineering Company ABC Ltd needs a paper with the purpose of drawing up a Human Resource Management Plan as per the directive from the senior management. ABC Ltd has been beset with high levels of attrition and low employee morale and the task is to devise strategies to cope with the situation. Attrition is a fact of life in many industries and the engineering sector is no exception. However, what makes the present situation troublesome is that the attrition in ABC Ltd has been much above the industry average.

Whereas the industry faces attrition of around 10-15%, ABC Ltd has seen attrition at record levels of 20-25%. Further, the attrition is happening at the engineer and the manager level. These designations are critical to the success of the company and hence steps must be taken to curb the attrition. This essay maps out a strategy for acquiring and retaining staff and the elements of the HRM plan include ways and means to hire the best people and retain them in the company.

The essay discusses executive compensation, performance-linked variable pay, employee benefits, and other elements that include fun at work and enabling effective people management. The idea behind the HRM plan is that there would be a drop in the attrition levels after the plan is implemented. HIRING STRATEGY An effective hiring strategy would depend on the way in which the job is marketed and “ sold” to the prospective employees. This would include an effective campaign of advertisements targeting potential job seekers in print and visual media along with a concise and precise summary of what the job is all about and what the employee can expect once he or she joins the company. The Hiring strategy’ s success would depend on how well the actual duties and responsibilities of the job match up with those that were advertised.

Hence, there is a need to “ walk the talk” when it comes to specifying the job description. There should not be any scope for disappointment among the employees once they are hired. Any promises of specific divisions in which the employee is going to be placed should be honored (Formbrun, 1984). Apart from this, the pay structure of the engineers must be competitive and as outlined in the sections below, the benefits and the perks must be competitive by industry standards.

The theory states that engineers who would be hired would look for the whole package that includes compensation, benefits, and perks. The hiring process must be transparent and unbiased consistent with the company’ s policy of being an equal opportunity employer. RETENTION STRATEGY Management theorists often emphasize the fact that one of the reasons for low employee morale in engineering industries is the fact that the workers and the engineers on the shop floor often feel alienated and cut off from the larger purpose.

The contention is that the engineers feel themselves to be part of an impersonal setup and perceive themselves to be unable to make a difference to the whole unit. Hence, there is a need to involve the engineers in the larger picture and provide them with a perspective on the bigger picture.


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