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Section 1Job and organization description The assessment will take a critical evaluation of the job of a financial planner to an organization. Its notable the objective of any given company is to make proper use of the available resources in order to realize good returns to the business investment (Sheehan and Sparrow 2012). Following the escalation of cost of doing business as a result of global economic and environmental trends, the issue of proper planning of financial resources has a subject of debate. This is perhaps many organizations have realized that there is need to have good financial strategies if at all the company is interested in breaking-even by meeting its bottom-line (Epipak 2012).

As a result the need to have the services of financial expert-financial planner has become very critical. This job will be examined in relation to the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA). (CBA) is a multinational financial institution that operates across several countries including: New Zealand, Fiji, Asia and USA as well as United Kingdom and it’s commonly referred to as a Commonwealth Bank. The bank is specialized in providing several financial services such as retailing, business banking, institutional banking and funds management services (Epipak 2012).

The other services provided by the bank include: insurance services, superannuation and investment as well as broking services. The bank currently is the second largest financial institution that is listed in the Australian Securities Exchange. The CBA was founded in 1911 by the Australian government. The strategic importance of the job The world of doing business is increasingly becoming very competitive and every organization is on the run to design and implement different strategies that will give it an upper hand in terms of competition.

In the case of financial investments, the company particularly needs to be very cautious on how it goes about its financial investments (Epipak 2012). The process of financial analysis requires proper expertise and rich experience in matters related to investment. This job requires a person who is fully qualified and understands the general trend of activities in the financial sector. The work of the financial planner is therefore very critical to any organization and more especially a financial institution.

First and foremost, the financial planner has the capability to make use of available financial data and calculations to foretell the likelihood of the company realizing the stated objectives (Epipak 2012). This is more especially important when a company decides to invest in a very volatile environment. Second, the financial planner has the capacity to monitor the probability of success of a certain investment portfolio. Third, the financial planners also play a very major role in making recommendations on how to go about different financial investment plans.

Fourth, the financial planners play the role of the middlemen between the company and the investors. This is a very important aspect since the attractiveness of the company by investors greatly depends on how the company handles them. Finally, the financial planner is expected to analyze the stock movements and advice the company accordingly on the stocks worth investment (Sheehan and Sparrow 2012).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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