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The paper 'Job Description for the Operations Manager - Telstra Telecommunication Company" is a good example of a management case study. The job being examined in this assessment is the Operations Manager (OM) in Telstra Telecommunication Company. It’ s important to note however that the objective of many companies is to ensure the smooth flow of its activities so as to ensure continuous production of goods and services in order to meet the customer demands. The way to do that is by ensuring that the company has established the position of operations manager.

This is because the work or rather the major responsibility of the OM is to ensure effectiveness in the overall leadership of the organization especially in terms of finances (Fleetwood and  Hesketh 2008, pp. 237). This assessment is in relation to the Telstra Company which is one of the leading telecommunication companies in Australia. Telstra is a telecommunication and information services company which is headquartered in Melbourne. The company’ s services include providing door-to-door services to customers. Some of the services provided include broadband and internet communication and content and mobile telecommunication services as well as data and other internet services.

Telstra has got a very long history in the communication industry of Australia. Even though the company was first established by the federal government, recently it was fully privatized in 2006. The company dates its existence as back as 1901 when the federal government established the Postmaster-General Department (PMG) to oversee to manage and control local telephone and telegraph as well as postal services in the country under the commonwealth government. The name Telstra was first realized in 1995 after changing telecom to Telstra for the purpose of providing domestic services.

The company’ s major milestones were witnessed in 2010 when the company entered into a Non-Binding Financial Heads of Agreement with one Commonwealth-Owned Company by the name NPN with the primary objective of rolling out the Government’ s National Broadband Network.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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