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The paper "Human Resource Management & Ethics" is a wonderful example of a report on human resources. Human resource management is one of the key fields of management whose practice either can build or destroy an organization; can make the organization to meet or miss its objectives; can make the workers either to be productive or not productive at the workplace and finally can make an organization to exist or to cease depending on if it is realizing its objectives or not (Delahaye & Brian, 2005 p. 56-70). The practices of human resources are more important to the organization than the individuals who form the workforce; for how the human resource capital is managed is what ultimately affects the output of not just the employee's performance but the performance of the whole organization.

Poor human resource practices that are characterized by unethical practices always would act as a stumbling block to the effective realization of an organization's goals and objectives (Kramar et al. 2011, p. 4-8). In today’ s business world despite the evolution of human resource practices with regard to ethical and unethical concerns; it is still evident that the problem of human resources unethical practice still lives in organizations.

This forms the basis of the discussion of ‘ Human resource management and ethics’ .This paper is detailed on issues to do with Human resource management and ethics. The introduction talks of human resource practices and its negative or positive impacts, the growth of the human resources practice, and the historical factors that facilitated the growth of the concepts of ethics in the practice of human resource management. From the introduction, the paper discusses a number of issues in its body through the following subheadings.

First, it discusses issues to do with ‘ The basics, functions and the roles of human resource management and ethics’ ; where it outlines the concept of human resource management, its evolution over time, the management theories that influenced the practice of human resource management and finally the how the prospective impacts of the human resource necessitated the need to address ethics in the practice of human resource management. The paper goes ahead to discuss and analyze the theoretical concepts of ‘ human resource management and ethics’ .


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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