Essays on Culture Diversity in the Workplace in the UAE Assignment

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The paper "Culture Diversity in the Workplace in the UAE" is an outstanding example of a management assignment.   The functions of human resource managers have been tied to sustained competitive advantage at the organizational level. According to Wright, McMahan and McWilliams (1994, 303), competitive advantage can be perceived to be in occurrence when a certain firm is executing a strategy that is value-creating and which is not being executed at a simultaneous time by either the current or prospective competitors. Human resource managers can strategically use people under them to generate a sustainable competitive advantage for their organization in several ways.

Firstly, based on the fact that human resource managers greatly influence the level of creativity and innovation among the employees, this can go a long way in generating a sustainable competitive advantage for the firm. The above reality is based on the fact that human resource managers motivate the employees and instill a sense of commitment to their roles in the organization. This is evident at the Etihad Airways in Abu Dhabi whereby the motivation and input of the human resource managers have been central in the innovation of unique services that meet the dynamic needs of the consumers. Secondly, human resource managers are mandated with the role of recruiting human capital which has competent knowledge and skills to suit the needs of an organization.

In this regard, the basic competency of the human resource managers to select and recruit skilled employees results in the development of a human resource that is unique and this ultimately culminates in the overall sustainable competitive advantage of the organization. Lastly, human resource managers are usually responsible for training the employees, both new ones and old ones.

In this regard, the employees are able to be updated on the recent trends in the wider industry and gain knowledge on how to positively react to things like increased competition in the market.

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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