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Human ResourcePart ADepartmental Recruitment, research and ForecastA Research on the history of the Human Resource Department’s recruitment One of the key roles of the human resource department for Etisalat Telecommunication Company is to hire the staff members through a developed and competent recruitment process. At the same time, the department is responsible for dismissal of non-competent or rebellious members of the staff followed by their immediate replacement. The history of this particular department’s recruitment is as follows: The recruitment process starts with identification of any vacant positions, need for additional positions and other analysis that may create space to allow an employee to join the company.

Once the positions or posts have been identified, verified and their availability recognized, the department (Human Resource Department of the company) takes a step and advertises the positions. All the requirements and qualifications are indicated in the advertisement and interested parties given at least one month to respond to the advertisement by making their applications for various interested positions (Teague 13). The advertisement is made in such a way that the information reaches a wide coverage area of target people.

The application process becomes complete immediately the applicant’s application later is received either by individual delivery or by postal delivery. Applications arriving after the deadline are never considered whatsoever (Teague 15). All the application letters are verified by the department’s recruitment officers and successful applicants short listed for interview. Usually, the verification process involves confirmation of whether the applicant met the requirements or qualifications for the position applied. These include academic qualifications, working and training experience (Teague 16). Short listed applicants are then summoned on a fixed date for interviews and verifications.

First, their credentials are verified for certification. Original document are required to be brought by the applicants on this date for verification. After verification, testing follows and this involves physical, medical and written testing (Teague 17). The physical examination is done to assess and verify whether the applicant is physically fit for the job applied. Medical examinations are meant to verify the health status of the applicants (Doran 49). This helps determine the insurance cover for medical and other associated risks. Written testing is done to examine and verify how qualified the applicant is for the position.

Written tests involve questions concerning the job position, experience questions and other technical applications required by the applicant. For an applicant to go through this step, he or she must be physically and medically fit for the position. He or she must also pass at least more than half of the written test questions (Teague 21). Oral interview then follows where the applicants appear one by one before a panel of qualified and trained interviewers from the department. During the oral interview, applicants are scrutinized and assessed thoroughly to come up with the most qualified applicants (Teague 27).

Background information concerning the successful applicants is sought to determine the criminal record of the applicants. This requires that all applicants must come along with a certificate of good conduct from recognized police headquarters for verification (Teague 29). This marks the end of the selection process and all applicants who manage to pass through all these steps up to the background investigation step are considered qualified and fit for the job position applied for.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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