Essays on Human Resource Planning, Recruitment And Selection Assignment

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Introduction The report focuses on the human resource planning, recruitment and selection strategies of Virgin Blue. It analyses pertinent factors of the internal and external environment impacting the organizations HR planning and job design processes. The report also highlights the effectiveness of HR planning, and especially in relation to Virgin Blue. The environmental influence on HR planning is also studied, which focuses on internal and external scanning. The paper also discusses the issues related to retaining and managing talent and how HR planning can be integrated with other HR functions. It concludes with providing recommendations for Virgin Blue airline.

About Virgin Blue: Virgin Blue is an Australia-based aviation company and operates in long haul and short haul segments. The company has around 68 Boeing 737-700 and 800 series and operates around 2100 flights in a week to around 24 cities in Australia and eight destinations abroad. Sir Richard Branson, owner of UK-based Virgin Group is the founder of the company. There are a total of five boards of directors in the company. David Baxby is the Non-executive Director, Member of Remuneration, Nomination & Governance Committee and Chief Executive Officer of Virgin Management Asia-Pacific.

Other board members include Neil Chatfield, Robert Thomas, Patrick McCall and Mark James Vaile. Virgin Blue is a public-listed company and was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange in December 2003. Currently it has around 5,952 employees. The Chief Executive Officer and the Managing Director of the company is John Borghetti, while the Chief Financial Officer is Keith Neate and the Chief Operating Officer is Andrew David (Source: Businessweek). Virgin Blue follows a very stringent recruitment process and it has been able to tailor its job requirements and selection process as per individual job needs.

The process involves multiple selection stages including interviews (face-to-face/phone/teleconference), group sessions, reference checks, health assessments and drug screens, ability/psychometric testing, validation of certificates and police checks (About Recruitment 2010). HR planning effectiveness In order to create a competitive edge in strategic HR planning (HRP), the human resource planning has been evolved as per the contemporary requirements of the companies. HRP is not seen as a regulatory method instead it helps in developing the organisational structure of the company as per its vision and goal (Härtel et al.

2006). 2.1: Environmental influence on HRPIt is imperative that HRP should be based on information that is correct and therefore, it is necessary to study the internal and external environment of a company to understand the risk factors associated with the availability and shortage of talents in the industry as well as the company (Härtel et al. 2006). 2.1.1: Internal scanning It is important for the managers to conduct internal scanning to find out whether the current skill sets within the organisation is in tune with the organisation and strategic plan.

In case of any gap areas, the manager would be required to recruit employees with the desired skills. Such an internal scanning should be taken place at both micro and macro levels (Idris & Eldridge 1998). The micro level information usually includes details about the skills, performance level, workplace behaviour etc about the employees, while macro level information consists of organisational goals, culture, structure etc (Härtel et al. 2006). With regards to Virgin Blue, the airlines believe in hiring candidates who would be the right fit with the culture of the organisation.

The airlines allocates considerable amount of money in training its recruitment process and provide excellent training process to the selected candidates in order to attune them the quality customer service expected from them. Further, the airlines follow high level of employee engagement programs in order keep the staff committed and motivated. Behavioural scanning is also a part of the interview process in the company and the airlines only hire people who are in sync with the demanding customer-oriented culture of the company.

Further, the airlines conduct regular internal scanning to understand whether the selected candidates are able to perform their responsibilities properly. The airlines also take customer complaints seriously and investigate the matter. However, the company believes in backing its people in case of issues as it puts in a lot of effort in training them (Breaking in a new culture, 2003).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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