Essays on Human Resource Planning, Recruitment And Selection Assignment

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Executive Summary The following report has been developed to evolve the recruitment plan for a job in the Department of Arts, Queensland Government. The position for which the recruitment process is being developed in the following paper is one of Manager who is responsible for the management of the portfolios in the Department of Arts, which is a department of the Premier and Cabinet in the Queensland Government. The office that the recruitment process aims at filling is a temporary one (refer to Appendix A for details. ) The Department of Arts is one of the most important portfolios that is looked after by the cabinet of the Queensland Government, where the main role of the department is to motivate and encourage development in the arts and cultural sector of the area.

It also looks at ensuring that the public funds are invested in the correct areas so that the economy and the society of the region can progress. The scope of the job is very vast, as it will involve gathering of information for the formulation of the policies which deal with asset planning, leasing tenure management, security and emergency operations and other such activities.

The process of recruitment for the job will be a detailed one, as the office is of considerable responsibility. The panel who will be involved in the selection process will consist of three experts, including the manager of the HR department, and two experts from the Department of Arts so as to ensure that the person who is hired is qualified for the job. The process will begin with screening of the application forms, where firstly the resume and the covering letter will be reviewed; following which the written answers which are a part of the application form (for further details refer to Appendix B of the paper) will be reviewed (Guest, D, 1987).

Once the candidates for the interview have been short listed, the panel will conduct the interview, based on the results of which the right candidate for the position will be appointed. The process of selection and recruitment is a lengthy one. The following paper looks at developing the process of recruitment for the job, which includes identification of the qualifications and development of an organized screening and recruitment process. IntroductionIt is imperative for an HR professional to ensure that an appropriate candidate is hired for a position, as hiring a wrong candidate might result into critical problems for the organization in the later stages.

Thus, the HR professional should develop a recruitment and selection strategy beforehand as per the requirements of the vacant position. For this particular position, the HR professional would focuses on identifying, listing and justifying the key selection criteria needed to be considered for the position under analysis.

The professional would also develop the recruitment strategy and the selection process to be undertaken to hire an appropriate candidate for the vacant position. Further, the HR professional would provide and justify the selection methods and decision process to be undertaken to select the most suitable applicant for the position.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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