Essays on Hiring a Team Manager Mental Health for Queensland Health Case Study

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The paper “ Hiring a Team Manager Mental Health for Queensland Health”   is a   creative example of a case study on human resources. The report analyses a vacant position in an organization and the steps taken to recruit and select a candidate for the position. Queensland Health is looking at hiring a Team Manager Mental Health (Program Coordinator Continuing Care) in a permanent position (See Appendix A for more information). As an HR practitioner, I am required to develop the recruitment and selection strategy to be adopted for hiring a suitable candidate for the position. Queensland Health provides quality health services to the people residing in Queensland and has more than 60,000 people in its roles, which makes it one of the largest organizations in Australia.

The organization offers varied opportunities in medicine, nursing, patient care, etc, and provides a steady growth path to its employees. It also gives competitive remuneration along with flexible working conditions and employee benefits. Due to the strong reputation in the market, the organization also has stringent selection procedures that need to be taken care of while hiring a candidate. The selection process within Queensland Health is conducted by a selection panel that has two or more people.

The process starts with a review of the resume and the cover letter of the applicants. Further, the written answers pertaining to the particular profile given by the applicants are reviewed. Thereafter, interviews are conducted, which includes telephonic interviews as well. The panel also reviews the work samples, demonstrations, and presentations of the candidates. Reference checks of the selected candidates are also conducted. Such a selection procedure is very detailed and helps in selecting a candidate with the right level of aptitude, abilities, skills, qualifications, and experience.

The rigorous levels of interviews, presentations, and past work expertise ensure that the person selected as the best among the applicants. Further, due to the involvement of two or more members in the selection process, and an unbiased decision could also be taken.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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