Essays on Human Resource Strategic Planning at Energex Company Case Study

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The paper "Human Resource Strategic Planning at Energex Company" is an outstanding example of a human resources case study.   Founded in 1922 Energex is a subsidiary of the Energy Queensland Limited, an electricity company owned by the state of Queensland. The company engages in the building, operation and maintenance of electricity distribution channels throughout south-east Queensland. The company operates in major towns of Australia such as Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Logan and the Gold Coast. Apart from the distribution of electricity, the company also engages in the supply of LPG and natural gas to major Australian cities, establishing itself as a multi-utility company. Following the provision of high-quality products and services as well as the high training levels of the employees, the company has been in operation for close to a decade and continues to provide essential services to its customers.

Throughout these years, the company has been able to expand its products and services beyond Brisbane where it was founded t other Australian States such as the New South Wales and Victoria. The company has undergone a transformation since its creation. In 1995 for instance, the company transformed from operating under the Brisbane City Council to a nationally state-owned corporation.

The name Energex was given to the company in 1997 following its entry into the competitive Australian energy market. Other changes include the sale of the company’ s retail business in 2007 and the merging with Ergon Energy this year. Currently, the company distributes electricity to approximately 3.4 billion Australians including households and businesses, reflecting a high demand for electricity and the associated services. To meet these demands, the company has a network of plant, property, people and equipment that aids in meeting these demands.

Additionally, the organization fosters good relationships with the customers and practices sustainability and corporate social responsibility. Mission Statement The organization mission statement is to focus on the provision of safe, economic and sustainable delivery of reliable energy solutions to its customers. Recruitment and Selection The company is an equal opportunities employer committed to performing a competitive selection of its employees based on merit. In the selection and recruitment of the employees, the company adheres strictly to the requirements of the law such as the Equal Opportunities Employment Policy and the Recruitment and Selection Guidelines.

The company hires individuals from various fields such as; technicians and designers, electrical engineers, electrical apprentice, graduates, managerial and administration roles. Since the company relies on the skills of its employees to remain at the top of the industry, it offers both induction and on the job training for the employees. Many of the employees of the company are holders of diplomas, graduate and post-graduate qualifications, suggesting that the company employs highly qualified individuals. Additionally, the company is committed to attracting and retaining an empowered workforce that is innovative and can achieve high performance in all business aspects. Employee Benefits of the Organization Energex employee receives several benefits from the company ranging from good salaries to other financial benefits such as retirement benefits.

The organization realizes the importance of balancing work life and personal life, thus provides the employees with flexible working arrangements such as working from home and job sharing, access to paid maternity and family leave. Additionally, since the organization is built on the core value of respect and support for each other, the workers are capable of maximizing their potentials in the friendly working environment.

Other benefits of the organization to its employees are professional development and rewarding of the employees through the employee recognition scheme.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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