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The paper 'Human Resource Strategy - Employer of Choice" is a great example of human resources coursework.   As firms continue to face radical changes in technology, changing cultures that govern employees and dynamic expectations in their work environment, the human resource department has the challenge to deliver competitively and satisfactorily so as to be the target of the able working force. The human resource department is one of the most crucial departments of any establishment. It is entrusted with the duty of hiring employees, training the already working team in order to sharpen their skills, evaluating their performance, recognizing top-performing personnel and ensuring that the workforce observes the rules and regulations that govern the establishment (Management Study Guide, 2008-2013).

Proper compensation schemes build employee loyalty as well as a sense of belonging. Moreover, security keeps the employees committed to the welfare of the company. Companies willing to keep their employees for long should consider making the employees feel that they are and will always be part of the organization no matter the changes that arise. An employer of choice should respect the employee’ s free time as well as recognize the endless efforts of individuals to see the organization grow.

Moreover, they should continually update the employees’ knowledge and skills to meet the changing demands of the customers and also be at par with the modern society. Employees should have authority at their own capacities in order to improve their interpersonal, as well as leadership qualities. This prepares them for promotions that await in the future as well as helps them avoid shocks when they have to be the ones in those big positions.

A culture of unity, openness and trust, is what an employer should inculcate in order to reap the benefits of motivated employees. In order to meet the changing needs of employees, and also, ensure the success of a company, the human resource personnel are continually devising ways to effectively and satisfactorily manage their employees who are the vehicles of growth and development. This ranges from the employees already working to potential ones that are projected to join the organization in the future. Having the right working force means that more customers will become part of the organization.

Satisfied employees lead to satisfied customers. The following are some of the strategies that could make an establishment a target for employees; Compensation Scheme Every employee wants to enjoy the benefit of compensation. This makes them feel protected and could count on the organization during their weakest moments as well as when they need to time off to relax from the daily routine of work. Some employees leave a company that pays large sums of money but ignores the compensation and join those that regard compensation in their programs.

Working all round the clock is not an attraction for many employees. There is a need to rest and enjoy life all of which should be catered for by the company. The benefits include paid vacations, holidays, time off in case of emergencies, a right to health insurance coverage and maternity leave just to mention a few (Heathfield, 2013). These benefits make employees feel appreciated and cared for. They will, in turn, be loyal to the establishment in question and potential employees will be fighting to join the lucky fraternity so as to reap the same benefits.

There are some organizations that offer full compensation when a chance comes for retrenching some of the workers. Such employees do not feel used at these unfortunate moments in their lives. However, establishments that carry out the same practice and leave their employees in the cold are avoided under any cost. Such moves are beyond the employees’ control and any concerned organization should be there to hold them when shock strikes. However, some of the employees could take advantage of these benefits and lie to organizations in order to exempt themselves from work.

Some could pretend to be attending certain important meetings while, in the real sense, they are going about their business. Therefore, the company should closely monitor all the activities that require compensation and punish those who misuse the privilege


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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