Essays on People Power Drives the Eco-Friendly Agenda by Sarah Davidson Article

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The paper "People Power Drives the Eco-Friendly Agenda by Sarah Davidson" is a perfect example of an article review on human resources. The article discusses the progress made certain employers in ensuring that their employees observe and contribute towards the corporate environmental policy. The article highlights the achievement made companies in achieving a green policy despite the prevailing global recession. The article discusses the Green List which is a compilation of the most environmentally conscious companies globally. The author says that the Green List is unique as it takes stock of the employee contribution in achieving green production.

A company’ s commitment to an effective environmental policy is achieved through employee surveys. Therefore this directly relates to human resource management as the department of companies that are charged with the role of training employees. Conventionally, environmental consciousness is assessed through customer responses but the Green List survey uses employees. Role of employees and the human resources management in ensuring a corporation achieves a green policy in production 6th-8th paragraph Employees are directly responsible for managing and implementing the environmental policies drafted by their organizations.

However, if the employees do not have a passion for conservation and green production, then the organization will actually achieve very little in the end. Environmental conservation is important to the existence of human beings. In the long run, also, environmental conservation also reduces the costs of production and operation for organizations. Unemployed individuals can follow the same steps as highlighted in the article but not observe rules, but for their own good. For example, reusing plastic bags or using plastic containers as flower vessels in the garden.

Human resource managers have a role to play in organizing for the training of employees in environmental management. This will equip them with knowledge on how to manage and fit in environmental management systems integrated into their organizations. Again, the people element in developing and building organizational culture is very significant and the human resource department should always strive to integrate environmental conservation as part of the culture. Reasons as to why most companies leave out their employees out in striving for environmentally conscious processes 9th -12th paragraphs Many companies tend to leave out their employees from their environment conservation agendas as they view that an organization by itself is the threat to the environment.

They happen to overlook the small but significant individual contribution by employees. Some of the measures that involve employees were the encouraging employees to avoid using their cars, plastic bags and encouraging them to inflate their tires with nitrogen rather than ordinary air or encouraging employees to use public transport. Each organization is adopting and recommending the most relevant measure to its employees in environmental conservation.  


Davidson, Sarah, “People power drives the eco-friendly agenda: Committed staff won’t let recession be an excuse for slacking” UK Times, 17th May 2009,
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