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Employment-related issues within Milltown SchoolBased on the information conveyed in the case study, it is evident that there several employment related issues that are affecting the school. Foremost, it is apparent that the School lacks a proper workforce planning. According to Buchan & Edwards (2000), work force planning involves aligning and integrating the priorities and needs of an organization to those of the workforce so as to ensure that the needs and objectives of an organization are realised. Milltown School lacks a proper workforce planning mainly because the staffing demands have not been met.

The school has a total of ten teachers among the 10 teachers, 6 teachers are the only who are permanently employed thus they work full time whereas the remaining teachers work on a part time basis. In occasions whereby teachers succumb to illness or other critical circumstances and have to be granted a leave of absence, the school is forced to incur extra expenses in order to bring in substitute teachers. Following the recent down town in the public sector for finance cuts, the problem in the school is bound to worsen since they have been advised to reduce the number of teaching assistants.

This staffing problem could even be more problematic in future if there is no proper and sustained approach to work force planning in the school (Buchan & Edwards, 2000). Secondly, there is lack of job specialization and delegation, the school also lacks proper work-life balance and workforce retention strategies. In reference to Deery (2008), work-life balance and workforce retention strategies determine whether employees stay or leave the organization. Apparently, the workforce in the school constitutes of the teaching staff, the special needs co-coordinator, the school secretary, the school manager and the head of the school.

The school manager attends to financial and staffing issues such as teacher’s contracts, sickness absence records, training rota and obtaining substitute teachers for teachers who are absent. Evidently, handling all these duties can be cumbersome, if they are delegated to the school manager only. The roles of the head teacher, the school secretary and the special needs co-coordinator are also not well specified. Furthermore, the viability of the 'Special Needs co-ordinator' role has not been determined.

Although the school manger addresses staffing issue, she is not trained in any aspect of Human Resource Management (HRM). The head teacher also does not have any form of training in Human Resource Management matters thus he cannot handle bullying and harassment issues that are affecting the school. Reports on harassment and bullying within the school have not been addressed in the school since there no knowledge on how such cases can be effectively handle. In the past, the school has been dependant on the intervention of the Town Hall.

However, following the cut-back of the Town Hall HR Department, local schools have been urged to resolve staffing issues at the school level. Consequently, this change is bound to pose a problem to the school administration since there is no paradigm of dealing with such issues. Lastly, one of the key challenges facing the school is the lack of morale and motivation within the workforce. The recent financial downturn, cases of bullying and harassment and the overall HR management structure of the organisation are some of the factors that could be contributing to low morale and the lack of motivation amongst the work-force.

The lack of motivation within the school is evident through the continuous and consistence absenteeism among the teachers that is sometimes concealed as “Sick leave. ” It is somewhat ironical that in a time spun of one week, half of the permanent teaching staff were absent on the basis of a sick leave. Reiss (2004) observes that Motivation is a psychological process that influences behavior by giving direction, purpose and the desire to achieve particular unmet goals.

In order for any organization to survive, it needs motivate its employees. Based on the information conveyed in this case study, it is evident that the key issues affecting the Milltown school revolves around HR aspects such as work force planning, work-life balance and workforce retention strategies, staff training and motivation.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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