Essays on Human Resource Development in Australian, Japanese, and Taiwan Organizations Literature review

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The paper “ Human Resource Development in Australian, Japanese, and Taiwan Organizations” is a meaty example of the literature review on human resources. According to Nelson (2007), the world has continuously experienced a considerable and tremendous increase in the number of Multinational Corporations (MNCs) over the past decade. Subsequently, most of global organizations have sprouted by undertaking different strategies in ensuring adequate human resource development. The rapid increase in the number of MNCs from developed economies has continually prompted a greater interest and urgency in creating a better understanding of how such organizations have undertaken Human resource development issues.

It is imperative to understand how different conceptual frameworks of global Human Resource development strategies and practices in MNCs from developed economies across their subsidiaries. Rothwell, Prescott, and Taylor (2008) articulate that human resource has a close relationship with the leadership in any organization. Moreover, Human resource is a department of the company charged with the responsibility of finding, recruiting, screening, and training job recruits as well as overseeing employee-benefit plans. However, the two have different but diligently related definitions. This report offers a detailed comparison between Australia, Japan, and Taiwan with an in-depth analysis regarding how various organizations have undertaken human resource development over the past ten years.

Additionally, the report presents an assessment of organizational Human resource development in the three countries with adequate consideration of constraints. Some of the human resource challenges considered in the analysis include the global financial crisis and business slowdowns. Human Resource Development in Australian OrganizationsLimited longitudinal studies and research have minimal documentation of literature review about the evolution of HRD practices in different organizations based in Australian. Actually, most of the Human Resource Development practitioners have limited access to data concerning trends regarding Australian-based organizations.


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