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The paper "Human Resources Team in Apple Inc" is a great example of a case study on human resources. This report will deal with the human resource profile, practices, policies, responsibilities, strategic contributions, and challenges that Apple Incorporated that have made in the business world. In the first part of this report, the purpose of the organization strategy will be identified and the human resource techniques that will the organizational strategies mentioned. The organization strategy guiding the Apple that will be identified will be based on a core of capabilities, the seizing of opportunities, and organization culture that enabled the attainment of the firm’ s objective. In the second part of the report, human resources techniques will be identified and related to the organization strategy, among to be addressed will be the ability to employ experienced personnel in the information technology industry, initiating and formulating policies and procedures that are in line with the overall organization objectives.

Other techniques will include the integration mechanisms and control systems that can improve intra-functional coordination and communication. The internal (organizational) and the external (environmental) factors will be evaluated to determine if they can influence the organizational approach to human resource management.

Among these factors will be; organization culture that forms the basis of sustainable competitive advantage, the economic environment, labor market conditions, trends in technology, employer-employee relationship, competition, the potential FCC internet regulation, the shortening of product lifestyles, the flattening of wages in the face of increased healthcare costs. In addition, the extent to which human resource management strategies used by Apple have contributed to organizational performance will be evaluated. An appropriate range of HR policies and practices developed and implemented efficiently by Apple Inc is deemed to improve the performance.

High-performance work practices will be looked into since it influences the workforce in the firm. Consequently, the HR function will be evaluated and how they are integrated into strategy development. Proper integration of HR policies and practices with organization strategy is expected to have a growth in employee commitment, improved financial results, and able to attract and retain the right people in the organization’ s business and culture.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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