Essays on Human Resources (Australia) Conflict Resolution Assignment

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HUMAN RESOURCES (AUSTRALIA) CONFLICT RESOLUTIONConflict is commonly a defined as the disagreement wherein the parties being involved recognize a threat to their needs and interests. Conflict which is a normal part of an organization or a team does provide positive impacts as well as negative impacts. Positive impacts are provided by a conflict once the organization or the team views the conflict as part of growth because the development of improved understanding will be a result of the conflict. While conflict provides positive impacts, it also provides negative impacts when the organization or the team views the conflict as a threat to the growth and understanding of their members.

The organization will just be contented on the limited options inside their organization in solving the conflict and they will not seek the multiple possibilities in solving the conflict outside the organization. A very important aspect of being in the organization or a team is the occurrence of conflict. Topics concerning how the conflict will work on the organization, of how the conflict will be avoided, and how would the organization will deal about the conflict when it occurs.

There are two forms of conflict occurring in a workplace or in any organization. The substantive conflict is all about conflicts about decisions, ideas actions and even directions. This is commonly the scenario happening in the workplace. The second form of conflict in the workplace is the personalized conflict or more commonly called as a personality conflict. In this for m of conflict, the two parties involved in the conflict simply have the notion that “they don’t like each other” An example of substantive conflict is seen my workplace.

One of the staff is having problems dealing with the demands of the branch manager that every staff should be starting the daily operation of the store 8:00 am everyday. A conflict between the branch manager and the staff was created. The branch manager is expecting all the staff to be at the store before the opening time which means that all the staff is required to follow the orders of the manager. Though there are some reasons for the staff not to follow orders from the manager, they are all obliged to still accomplish and follow all the orders from the manager. Amanda, one of the staff has a conflict on the orders of the manager.

The reason why Amanda is not is not able to follow the orders of the manager is that she do has some child care responsibilities during that early hour the manager is requiring her to work in the store. Amanda is amenable in working at the store starting 9:00am (which was the usual routine of the store staff when the manager still didn’t require the 8:00am routine).

Amanda has to take care of the needs of her children early in the morning so that when she leaves for work, the children were already accommodated with the things they need at home and in school. The children of Amanda are already being used for their mother to prepare their needs before their mother leaves the house for work child care responsibilities is one of the simple yet important reason of Amanda for her unwillingness to follow the manager the new policy of the branch manager.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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