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1.0 Introduction Reg Revans crosses minds of many when the term action learning is mentioned. There is no particular statement in either book or paper that has recorded Revans ideas in totality (Pedler, Burgoyne& Brook 2005, p. 58). However, scholars have endeavored to record some of his statements. The first statement about action learning states that the known ignorance and not programmed understanding is vital to action learning. The statement explains that men begin to learn from and with each other after they realize that no individual have the solution but all are obligated to discover it.

Another statement indicates that finding of the understanding of the unseen is the duty of action learning. Additionally, it has been stated that action learning is a way of development, physical, emotional or intellectual, that demands its subject, via answerable participation in some real, stressful and complex difficulties, to attain targeted change that is enough to boast his noticeable behavior henceforth in the field of problem solving (Alan 1997, p. 4). Various organizations such as British Airways, the US Army, General motors, Arthur Andersen, Motorola, TRW, General Electric, and Exxon employ action learning to indentify strategic competitive advantage, develop their global managers, develop performance management mechanism, lowering costs of operations, and as a means of promoting learning within organization.

This report will give a deep insight on action learning; how organizations are using it; how to solve wicked problems and how it contributes to HRD strategy. 2.0 Organizations and action learningAction learning programs are being employed by various organizations across the world to serve as tool in developing millions of new services and products, lowering delivery and production period, saving huge chunks of money, elevating service quality, expanding customer bases, and confidently changing cultures of organization.

There was a recent study conducted by the ASTD (American Society for Training and Development) where it was revealed that two third of programs for executive leadership programs in the US employed action learning. 2.1 How organizations are employing action learningAction learning programs are being used by various organizations across the globe. The study that was carried out in 2009 by the Corporate Executive Board showed that 77% of learning executive pointed out action learning as the main vehicle of leadership bench strong point (Michael & Michael 2011, p.

2). Additionally, scholars have pointed out action plan as the newest and rapidly growing organizational instrument for development of leadership. The main strength that majority of organization tap in action learning is its unmatched ability to concurrently solve tough problems and develop organizations and individuals at reduced costs to the companies. In the current world where fast changing environment and unforeseen global problems are the order of the day, individuals and organization are required to both learn and act simultaneously.

2.2 How Boeing has employed Action learningBoeing is one of the major players in the industry across the world. It has also diverse portfolios such as lunch services, human space flight, and missile defense, with clients in over 145 nations across the globe, operating in 26 states and has employees in over 60 nations.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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