Essays on Dr Wongs Situation with the HR Department of the Great Southern University Case Study

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The paper "Dr Wong’ s Situation with the HR Department of the Great Southern University " is a great example of a human resources case study. One of the major issues in human resource of an organization is procedures of hiring and recruitment of employees. Employing a new staff involves the consideration of various issues by the organizations that are to be included in the terms of the contract. This involves aspects such as benefits, salary, contract period and the job description. Intensive negotiation should be made by the organization when giving a job offer to a potential candidate who can fill in the vacant position.

All interactions that the organization has with the soon to be employee form the foundation for the relationship between the organization and the employee. It is therefore essential that the organization lays a good framework for the contract terms. The case study of Dr. Wong’ s situation with the HR department of the Great Southern university where he accepted an employment position by phone, he however later finds out that the terms he agreed to were actually not valid.

Such circumstances may result in conflict within the organization. What is the main HR issue here and how has this problem arisen The main HR issue concerning recruitment that is depicted from the incident between Dr Wong and Great Southern University is the aspect of the psychological contract. When an individual arrives at a new workplace there are various expectations that one has towards the employer. The concept of psychological contract can be defined as expectations that an employee has in relation to the mutual obligation between the organizations they work with or intend to work with and themselves. These obligations vary from prospects of promotion, salary, allowances and allowances.

Any particular contract is dependant upon the fact each party should deliver their part of the contract. In this particular context of Dr Wong experienced disappointment towards the Universities due to the fact that the agreement he had he made with Professor Elizabeth Sinclair, head of the Management Department was not delivered due to the fact that he had expectations of being paid for airfares by the organization. The problem in this particular case arose due to several factors that were not effectively followed by the Universities management on recruitment procedures.

Professor Sinclair the head of management presented proposals to Dr Wong which he actually believed would be affected, however, he is given a response that the professor had no authority to make any offers of employment, what is evident from the HR department of the University is that the recruitment strategies of are not very well coordinated. In order to carry out effective internal recruitment within an organization, it is essential for all stakeholders of the HR department to be in agreement, about the selected candidate and the terms and conditions of the contract to be given to the new employee.

However in this particular case, the universities HR department initiated the problem, this is due to the lack of coordinate in recruitment procedures. A good recruitment procedure should ensure that the successful candidates are kept in the torch in order to inform them about the organization's provisions and requirement. However, there was a misunderstanding due to lack of good communication strategies within the organization where decision making is not conveyed to all members of the organization (Burton, M.

& Obel 8).

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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